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seine river

Have you seen Paris’ narrowest building?

Architecture & Landmarks
Narrow building Paris historic architecture quirks

Beyond the well-known tourist landmarks, the French capital is full of charming and quirky architectural details to regale first-time visitors and residents alike. One of them is Paris’ narrowest building; another is its thinnest façade.

“Draw me tomorrow’s Greater Paris” competition launched

Changing Landscape
paris map

Latest urban planning competition in Île-de-France calls for projects to develop La Métropole du Grand Paris ­— the Greater Paris Metropolis.

Reinventing the Seine: Paris will call for project proposals in February

Changing Landscape

In conjunction with the “Reinventing Paris” competition, the City of Paris is looking to refresh its riverbanks. Accordingly, it will launch a new call for innovative projects next month along with Rouen, Le Havre and other riverside towns.

No more cars along the north quay of the Seine?

Changing Landscape
Voie Georges Pompidou

If the Paris Mayor has her way, the quay on the right bank of the Seine will be closed to cars starting in summer 2016. The pedestrian-only bank will feature a public park, farmer’s market, and other dockside activities. A tramline may also be in the works, crossing Paris from east to west by 2020.

Paris will expand pedestrian zones on the right bank of the Seine

Changing Landscape
Paris riverbank photo

The city of Paris is inviting residents and architects to submit proposals for green car-free pedestrian zones on sections of the right bank.

Paris’ finest palaces and mansions: the Bibliothèque Nationale de France site in the city center

Architecture & Landmarks

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library) is actually a complex of buildings in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement (district). It occupies the so-called Quadrilatère Richelieu (Richelieu rectangle), bordered by the Rues Colbert, des Petits-Champs, Richelieu, and Vivienne.

Living on a houseboat in Paris

Architecture & Landmarks

Apartments with a river view in top Paris locations command premium prices. One was sold recently on the Quai de Conti in the 6th arrondissement (district) for a record €42,600/m2. So why not live on the River Seine instead?

Paris plans Europe’s tallest skyscrapers in La Défense

Changing Landscape
Hermitage Towers seine

With plans to build the Hermitage Plaza towers in Paris’ La Défense business district, Paris will soon trump London as home to Europe’s tallest building.

Paris Luxury Property: Cole Porter’s private Parisian home for sale

Architecture & Landmarks
cole porter home paris

Over the last three centuries, this private mansion tucked away on Paris’ left bank has been the home of aristocrats, royals, and playwrights alike – and has been most recently owned by Cole Porter. Since his death in 1997, Cole Porter’s family has decided to sell the 10-bed, 6-bath home in Paris (766 m2 / 8245 sq ft) for €40M.

Paris giving the Seine back to the people with pedestrian walkways

Changing Landscape
Paris pedestrianisation plan- Paris giving the Seine back to the people with pedestrian walkways

There are quite a few changes coming to the banks of the Seine river in upcoming years, including one that will transform the highway along the right and left banks into pedestrian walkways.


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