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16th Arrondissement Apartment formerly belonging to Dictator’s Daughter for Sale


You don’t rule an oil-rich country for 27 years with an iron first without amassing an enormous property portfolio. Now that Islam Karimov, ex-dictator of Uzbekistan, has died, his money and assets are being seized by authorities. One of these is a 16th arrondissement apartment. 

When Islam Karimov died in September last year after a stroke, his daughter Gulnara Karimova saw the writing on the wall and fled her apartment near the Place Victor Hugo, probably to avoid prosecution for money laundering and embezzlement. The Karimovs’ pilfered wealth had also gone into a chateau at Groussay (seized in 2015) and a Villa at Saint-Tropez.

Still nowhere to be found, rumours are abounding as to her fate. In the meantime, the property has gone up for auction at the Grand Tribunal of Paris and bidding begins on the 23 March. The 16th arrondissement apartment is a triplex measuring 688 m2, in one of three buildings (pictured above) designed by the renowned French Architect Jean Walter. On top of the living space, it boasts 200 m2 of hanging gardens. The owner will enjoy five bedrooms, one of which measures 50 m2, and terrace views overlooking the Bois de Bologne and La Defense.


image © Wikicommons

The starting price is half a million euros, which is small fry compared to how much Karimova paid TV presenter ‘Arthur’ for the apartment in 2007: 31 million euros. And while the auction price might represent a great deal, bear in mind the tax liabilities of a property of this size and worth.

Firstly, the charges – building dues for maintenance, repairs and security – amounted to €46,000 in 2016, a monthly fee of €3800. Add on to that between €12,000 and €15,000 worth of annual property taxes in the form of the taxe d’habitation and the taxe fonciereand the price of luxury in France becomes clear.

image ©


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