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70,000 housing units to be eco-renovated in 2016

eco-renovation buildings France

A government agency has announced it will assist 70,000 modest households with eco-renovating of their housing in a bid to help the environment and allow for energy savings.

The National Agency of Housing (ANAH) will provide financial support to low-income households for the eco-renovation of 70,000 properties this year. This was announced by new Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse in Rennes, during her first official visit.

The initiative is part of the “Better Living”Habiter Mieux — program, launched in 2013 by the ANAH as part of the energy renovation plan for housing to help households across France renovate their properties in order to save in energy costs, respect the environment and make real estate more sustainable.

Last year, the incentive helped with the eco-renovation of 50,000 housing units, 60% more than in 2013. Half of households helped were living below the poverty line, according to the Housing and Environment Ministries. Extra funds this year mean that 20,000 more families will be assisted with the costs of making their homes more energy efficient.

The program allows for “very significant energy savings for households, with average savings on energy costs of around 40%” and its development in 2016 “could well lead to the creation of 24,000 jobs in France,” according to the Ministries.

After announcing the program’s expansion, Emmanuelle Cosse stated that “one of the major issues” she will have to deal with as new Housing Minister is “responding to social emergencies” as well as “helping the real estate sector to build and innovate, and “committing in the long-term to the renovation of housing across the country.”

The ANAH is a public institution founded in 1971 in order to improve the existing private housing stock. Its work involves providing grants to homeowners to undertake essential repairs and energy renovation. Aid is only granted to units older than 15 years who have not received any other form of state funding.

Photo credit: Pixabay / Unsplash


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