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Buying Real Estate in France

Learn About Buying:

How do I start my Paris real estate search? Is there an MLS or other database of Paris apartments for sale?

Learn about apartment search, MLS (multiple listing service), consolidated apartment listing

What are the necessary steps for purchasing a property in France?

Learn about the promesse de vente, compromis de vente, acte de vente

Offer accepted, conditions are agreed: the preliminary purchase agreement

Learn about the compromis de vente, promesse de vente, committments

Finalizing the purchase

Learn about taxes and fees on the purchase

What are the costs and fees to expect when buying a Paris apartment?

Learn about real estate agency fees, property finders’ fees, appliances and movable furniture, homeowners insurance and utilities

Options for structuring a Paris real estate purchase

Learn about ownership structure, société civile immobilière (SCI)

The French notaire and his role in real estate purchases in France

Learn about the preliminary contract, closing process

Expert Insights on Buying:

Spotlight: District Immobilier, a trio of agencies in the heart of Paris

Managing director David Amanou shares his insights on running his business and the state of the Parisian luxury property sector in the wake of rent regulations and the Paris attacks.

Can you buy your Paris apartment building rooftop?

Buying a piece of the common area in your Paris building is a great way to enhance your living space and add to your property’s value. So: why not buy your building’s rooftop?

Can I obtain title insurance to cover my real estate purchase in France?

Routinely included in real estate deals in the United States, title insurance has only recently emerged in France, and only under limited circumstances.

Important changes to inheritance laws in France are welcomed by residents and non-residents alike

An EU-wide regulation, passed by the European Parliament in July 2012 with effect from August 2015, will result in a drastic and welcome change to the inheritance rules governing real estate in France, for both residents and non-residents alike. Paris-based notaire Pierre-Alain Conil helps navigate the new landscape.

15 things to find out about a Paris apartment before you buy it

Buying a luxury apartment in Paris is a major investment. You want to be sure you have all the information about it at your fingertips before you visit – and certainly before you buy. Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group tells us more.

Setting up a Société Civile Immobilière (French civil property company): how does it work and what are the pros and cons?

The French Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) is a popular vehicle for purchasing real estate in France. We asked Kathryn Brown of Paris Property Group about it, to get an overview of this structure and some of the pros and cons associated with it.

Let’s make a deal (in Paris)

It may have snowed in Paris on March 12th, but the Paris real estate market is ready for its annual spring takeoff. Where do things stand for the interested buyer? Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group gives tips for a successful approach to finding a great Paris apartment.

Spotlight: Buying an apartment in Paris, from the eyes of a buyer’s agency

Miranda Bothe discusses how life brought her to Paris, the vision behind the company she founded to help international buyers find property in Paris, and the ins and outs of investing in Paris real estate.

Buying smart: navigating the debate on short-term rental apartments in Paris

Mayor Delanoë continues to press his position that rentals of under one year (9 months to students) are unlawful unless the apartment in question has “commercial”, rather than “residential”, status. Like minds disagree as to whether this position is correct and sustainable in the courts, but either way there are some things that can be done to avoid problems.

Paris vs. New York: The Sale of Two Cities

Paris and New York are often compared for their sought-after real estate and interesting market characteristics. But there are some startling differences as well. Julia Hoagland of Brown Harris Stevens (New York, NY), and Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group (Paris, France) pool their knowledge to highlight some of the striking differences between the luxury property buying processes in these two world cities.

Common Mistakes When Buying Homes For Sale in Paris

Foreign real estate markets can be a scary place: different laws, potentially unscrupulous sellers, binding transactions taking place in another language. Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group shares the seven mistakes to avoid on the road to creating a productive, trusting relationship with your agent that will make navigating the process smooth and easy.

How Do Paris Real Estate Fees and Taxes Compare to Other Major Markets?

Purchase taxes on Paris apartments often give buyers pause; but how does Paris really stack up to other major real estate markets?

Is your Paris pied-à-terre also a great investment?

Is that great apartment in Paris also the right investment property? It’s important to understand what the key components are that create lasting value. Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group explains.


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