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Changing Landscape

Major new Development in La Defense Backed by Goldman Sachs

Changing Landscape

The public body responsible for renovating La Defense has signed a deal with France’s biggest commercial property developer and Goldman Sachs to move forward with a major new development in La Defense.

Opposition to the Paris’ Biggest Construction Project since Disneyland Continues

Changing Landscape

Europacity is the biggest construction project in Paris since Disneyland was completed in 1992, and has provoked fervent opposition from multiple sections of society.

New TGV Lines to Bordeaux and Rennes in July Increase Demand for Property

Changing Landscape

On July 2, the Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Rennes TGV lines will be operational, cutting the journey times by a third. What is this doing to property prices in the two cities?

Reims Property Projects Change Face of the City

Changing Landscape

Reims property developers are embarking on a wealth of new-build projects and renovations that will see the city grow in size and stature. Already one of France’s most profitable cities by one measure, this bodes well for Reim’s future.

Virtual Reality Property Tours of Project in Development Offered in France

Changing Landscape

Virtual reality property tours are the latest technology to turn the property industry on its head. An estate agency in France has gone one step further, with tours of properties that haven’t even been built yet.

Île de la Cité’s Transformation will Reinvent the Centre of Paris

Changing Landscape

The Île de la Cité is to undergo a myriad of changes over the next 20 years to adapt to the huge tourist footfall the island enjoys. Architects have submitted 35 proposals while property developers have already started turning some of the older buildings around.

Reinventing the Seine: 72 Project Finalists Announced

Changing Landscape

One year one from its announcement, the ‘Reinventing the Seine’ project now has 72 finalists for the 35 sites along the Seine river. Propositions include diving centres, floating residential shipping containers for students and artistic renovations of abandoned sites.

Round-up of Construction Projects in Paris to be Completed in 2017

Changing Landscape

If you can gauge the state of the economy by how many cranes dot a city’s skyline, Paris is booming. Dozens of major construction projects in Paris will be completed by the end of the year, a testament to the revived property market.

Local Residents Opposed to Building Upwards in the 15th Arrondissement

Changing Landscape

It’s one of the only practical solutions to the housing shortage that comes with a growing urban population, but residents are often fiercely opposed to developers building upwards in their neighborhood. An ongoing case in the 15th arrondissement exemplifies this.

Could Paris’ Housing Shortage Be Solved with Rooms with a View?

Changing Landscape

The chambre de bonne is to be part of a strategy by the Paris mayor to help quell spiralling rents. Thousands of the tiny loft flats will be converted into units of affordable housing over the next four years.


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