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Inside the Market

French Property Prices Continue to rise After Election

Market Stats

The most recent market figures show that the presidential election had no stalling effect on house price growth in France’s major cities during the month of May. The great French property price recovery continues unabated.

Paris Notaires Release First Quarter Property Figures

Market Stats

The Paris Notaires have released the official statistics on the Paris property market in the first quarter of 2017. They show accelerated growth and transactions, confirming preliminary figures from market observatories.

Macron Effect Sees British Buyers Return to Paris

Market Trends

As the ‘Macron Effect’ increases the appeal of Paris real estate, Brits are 10% of foreign buyers in the capital this year, a higher proportion than Americans.

Rents in Paris all but Cease to Grow in 2016

Market Trends

A study from a rental market observatory has found that rents in Paris barely saw growth last year, though the figure was higher than 2015’s.

Euro to Dollar Rate Means now is Time to Buy Property in France

Market Trends

Now is a great time for US buyers to invest in French property, with recent euro to dollar fluctuations seeing Europe’s currency fall in value against its Atlantic neighbor.

Abu Dhabi Investment Fund Looks to Offload Huge Paris Real Estate Portfolio

Big Deals

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has announced its intention to sell its 1.5 billion m2 of Paris real estate, taking advantage of increased demand in the capital.

This Year Will Break Records for New Build Construction in France

Market Trends

Based on the year so far and the number of permits approved in 2016, industry commentators are predicting that 2017 will break the new build construction record.

French Property Prices in April 2017: Exceptional Growth Continues

Market Stats

The numbers from the market’s leading observatories are in, and the extraordinary figures seen in the first quarter have continued into spring. French property prices in April grew in the majority of major cities, with one city making a comeback after a bad start to the year.

Property Prices in Monaco Surpass Hong Kong to Become World’s Highest

Market Stats

Seeing phenomenal growth in the past decade, property prices in Monaco have climbed to the top of global rankings. It now sits above Hong Kong, London and New York.

Paris Notaires Release February’s Figures for the Paris Property Market

Market Stats

What is the story on the Paris property market for the three months ending February 28? The Paris Notaires latest figures reveal all.


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