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In Law

Sellers Forced to Refund Buyers After loft Found to be Uninhabitable

In Law

A property sale was recently annulled by a court as its sellers were found to have been untruthful regarding the state of the property’s loft. 

Tenants in Paris Suburb Exempt from Paying rent due to Unsuitable Living Conditions

In Law

The tenants of a building in Essonne whose facade’s brickwork crumbled last year have been exempted from paying rent until full restoration is completed. This is not the first case of such a measure in the face of unsuitable living conditions. 

Proposed Reforms of Housing in France: 3-month Lease and Cutting red Tape

In Law

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has proposed significant reforms of housing in France, including a new ‘flexible lease’ and easing of construction red tape. 

French Court Grants Upper-floor Residents Right to Install Lift in Building

In Law

One of the highest courts in France has granted upper-floor residents the right to install a lift in the building after the proposal was rejected by the other tenants. 

New Mandatory Surveys for Those Letting Property in France from July 1

In Law

From July 1, two new property surveys pertaining to electricity and gas will be obligatory for those letting property in France.

Domiciliation de Revenu will be Limited to 10 years from January 1

In Law

The law in France that requires borrowers to have their main account with their mortgage lender for the duration of the loan – the domiciliation de revenu – is to be watered down from January 1 in the interest of consumers.

Co-ownership Syndicates Overcharging Tenants Three Years after Alur Laws

In Law

Research by two consumer interest organisations has found that the major co-ownership syndicates – management agencies – are overcharging their tenants, three years after the Alur laws were enacted to lower prices for consumers.

Industry Reacts to Lack of Dedicated Housing Minister in Macron’s new Government

In Law

As Emmanuel Macron’s new government emerges, property professionals have pointed out a glaring omission: no dedicated housing minister.

From October, All Airbnb Hosts in Paris Will Need to Register Their Property

In Law

All Airbnb hosts in Paris will soon have to register their property with local authorities to use the platform. The new law aims to ensure no one can flout the 120-day limit as set by the Alur laws in 2014.

What does Emmanuel Macron’s Election Mean for French Property?

In Law

With Emmanuel Macron elected president, France enters a new era. One of free-market economics and a smaller state? One that is good for the French property market?


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