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Mortgage Debt in France Compared to its European Neighbors

Your Money

France’s national mortgage bank has just released the results of its annual study into the European mortgage market: how does mortgage debt in France stack up compared to the other 27 European Union countries?

Co-ownership Syndicates Overcharging Tenants Three Years after Alur Laws

In Law

Research by two consumer interest organisations has found that the major co-ownership syndicates – management agencies – are overcharging their tenants, three years after the Alur laws were enacted to lower prices for consumers.

Industry Reacts to Lack of Dedicated Housing Minister in Macron’s new Government

In Law

As Emmanuel Macron’s new government emerges, property professionals have pointed out a glaring omission: no dedicated housing minister.

From October, All Airbnb Hosts in Paris Will Need to Register Their Property

In Law

All Airbnb hosts in Paris will soon have to register their property with local authorities to use the platform. The new law aims to ensure no one can flout the 120-day limit as set by the Alur laws in 2014.

What does Emmanuel Macron’s Election Mean for French Property?

In Law

With Emmanuel Macron elected president, France enters a new era. One of free-market economics and a smaller state? One that is good for the French property market?

Airbnb in France: Platform will now Collect Holiday Tax from Users in 50 Cities

In Law

Until now, Airbnb in France has only levied the taxe de sejour – holiday tax – on those making bookings in Paris. All this will change from May 1 when the tax will be extended to 50 major cities.

French Election Second Round sees Macron Face off Against Le Pen

In Law

Sunday’s first round of voting resulted in a largely anticipated result. On May 7, the French election second round will deliver either an ardent internationalist or an ardent nationalist. What would either presidency mean for French property?

Property Taxes in Paris Remain Unchanged for the 6th Year in a row

Your Money

The mayor of Paris has announced that property taxes in Paris will remain the same for the 6th year in a row. Welcome news to landlords, owner-occupants and tenants alike.

Property Developers in France Want to Reform the Politics of Real Estate

In Law

The foremost association of property developers in France has set out ten measures to reform the relationship between politics and property.

Margin for Negotiation on Properties in France Remains low

Your Money

As buyers hurry to wrap up property purchases while low interest rates remain and owners anticipate the result of the election before selling, it is unsurprising that the margin for negotiation on properties in France remains low.


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