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Which of the French Presidential Candidates Properties is Worth the Most on Airbnb?


A huge variety of professions and backgrounds was seen among the French presidential candidates who contested April 23’s French presidential election first round of voting. Is their short-term rental earnings potential as varied? 

The second round of voting in a week’s time will see an internationalist ex-banker go up against nationalist and eurosceptic. Among the candidates who didn’t make it through was a factory worker, a secondary school teacher and a candidate who wanted to invade Mars.

One thing they all have in common is a property with a short-term rental value. Who could live a life of luxury based only on rental income, and who’s would barely scrape them a living? A short-term rental site decided to find out.

Emmanuel Macron

While he doesn’t own any property himself, Macron lives with his wife in a large manor in Touquet, near Calais. He took a loan of €350,000 for renovation works a few years ago, and so can lay some claim to the property now. It would bring him and Brigitte Trogneux a revenue of 146 euros a night on sites like Airbnb.

Marine Le Pen

Her famous Saint-Cloud Manor, a 383 m2 mansion which she has a 20% stake in, could be rented out for 275 euros a night. Had she done so her much-discussed loan from a Russian bank might not have been needed.

Francois Fillon

The winner of this list, Fillon’s huge property in Sarthe would accrue him the purchase value of a 22 m2 apartment in Paris over the course of 12 months. The 3,162 m2 residence could be rented for 510 euros a night (which if done over a year would bring in €186,000).

Benoit Hamon, Jean-Luc Melanchon, and the remaining candidates

Both of the leftist candidates possess apartments in Paris. Benoit Hamon’s 108 m2 in Haut-de-Seine would bring him in 154 euros a night, while Melanchon’s larger property in the centre can fetch 245 euros a night. Of the remaining French presidential candidates:

  • Nicolas Dupont Aignan’s identical property to Melanchon: also 245 euros a night
  • Nathalie Arnaud’s humble apartment in Paris: 66 euros a night
  • Jean Lasalle’s main home in the Pyrenees: 111 euros a night
  • Jacques Cheminade’s Paris apartment: 169 euros a night
  • Francois Asselineau’s 200 m2 Paris apartment: 423 euros a night

 image © Wikicommons



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