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The French property market is reviving in certain regions, notably in Paris

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Property pundits have noted that prices have started to increase again in certain regions of France, particularly in Paris, during the early summer.

Not all parts of France are experiencing this revival, but it is especially significant in large cities, such as Paris, Bordeaux and Rennes. The dynamism of these cities is partly responsible. A lack of new built homes in these places has also reinforced the market for older properties.

Throughout the Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris, the market has started to take off again. The attractiveness of the region, and particularly the capital, to business investment has also stimulated the residential market and contributed to property price rises.

Compared to the previous year, prices are showing an upward trend. In December 2013, average prices in Paris were around the €8,150/m2 mark. By June 2014, they had increased by around 1%, according to some analysts. The average, of course, masks considerable variation in prices among and within arrondissements (districts). In exclusive parts of Paris, you can pay much more.


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