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French Property Prices Climb in March, in Paris and Nationwide


This week sees Meilleursagents’ and Seloger’s figures for French property prices in March released. The strong start to 2017 continues, with the only negative moves of the year down to government policy. 

As we enter the second quarter of the year, the situation for French property prices looks strong. Low rates are still encouraging demand, while the uncertainty around the presidential election means sellers are awaiting the result, leading to fast price growth.

The four horsemen of the French property prices resurgence – Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Bordeaux – continue to outperform the rest. Lyon bounced back after prices fell 0.1% in February, with March seeing strong 1.1% growth. The stagnation in France’s third biggest city was always deemed temporary and not unexpected.

The full table of price changes in existing properties can be seen below, courtesy of Meilleursagents and Seloger, including the numbers for February. Seloger’s page has an extensive list of the price per square meter in all major French towns, although their figures only take apartments into account (all figures exclude new-builds).

Montpellier is the underperformer in March while Lille is the only city to have seen negative price growth in 2017 so far, the rent caps there clearly affecting the market.

CityMarch (MA)February (MA)Year so far (MA)Last 12 months (MA)Last 12 months,
apartments only (Seloger)
Paris+0.3%+1.2% +2.7% +6.6%+4.5%

Meilleursagents’ price statistics for Ile-de-France in March show fairly consistent price performance throughout Paris and its suburbs, all except two showing growth of between 0.2% and 0.5%, with Paris at 0.3%: the surbubs of Essonne and Valle d’Oise are the outliers, falling 0.3% over the course of March.

For a the latest figures for Paris and Ile-de-France from the Paris Notaries and Seloger, see here.

image: Nantes harbour © Wikicommons


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