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French Regional Property Market Illustrated in Alternative Maps


It is not always about prices. Check out these interactive maps which illustrate other important measures of the French regional property market. 

A familiar pattern of French property prices has emerged this year with growth across almost all major cities bar a few outliers like Perpignan, Le Havre and Saint-Etienne. What about other factors that help understand the French regional property market as it currently stands?

Construction and home renovation

A recent report from a federation of property-focused SMEs shows which parts of the country are seeing a boom in the home renovation industry (l’artisanat du batiment). The trade is flourishing at the moment with record-breaking construction levels leading to a high demand for home craftsmen. Some correlation can be seen in the map detailing new-build construction in 2016.

Moving home

Knowing where people are moving to – and away from – is also useful, and this interactive map shows the most in-demand cities. A study from start-up Movinga looked at the number of emmenagements – cases of people moving to a city – versus demenagements – cases of people moving out –  and came up with figures for each that demonstrate where the French are heading.

A positive figure means there are more people heading to a city than leaving it. Rouen (+169%) and Grenoble (+141%) are attracting the most people from other regions, while high price growth in cities like Cannes (-38%) and La Rochelle (-44%) is leading to an exodus.

Rate of moving to/leaving in cities in France 

Movinga is a platform dedicated to helping people move home in France, and their figures are based on 20,000 casesThis means that those coming from overseas are not counted in the statistics, otherwise, Paris would most likely top the list.

Margins of negotiation

Seloger have released their nationwide margins of negotiation figures for the country as a whole covering apartments and houses. While houses generally have a higher margin of negotiation, particularly low figures for apartments can be simply because there are so few in the region, as in the case of Champegne-Ardenne (one-third of Alsace-Lorraine-Champegne-Ardenne), which has a figure of 0.0% for apartments.


image © Pixabay


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