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French Property Associations and Acronyms you Should Know


What’s the difference between an SCI and an SCPI? Who are FNAIM, UNPI and SNPI, and why do I keep reading about them in the news? Get to grips with the numerous associations and acronyms with this alphabetically ordered list.


  • AAPC: Association d’Aide, de défense et d’information des droits et des intérêts des propriétaires et copropriétaires/Association for the defense and awareness of the rights and interests of landlords and co-ownerships. This organisation can provide advice and support, legal or otherwise, for property owners and co-ownerships in litigation cases.



  • ADEME: Agence de l’Environment et de la Maitrise d’Energie/Environment and Energy Works Agency. Government department responsible for awarding contractors RGE status, a recognition of their capacity to provide energy-saving renovation of older properties. Their page has a list of the agencies that contractor will be part of, and to whom you can file complaints if your their work is not satisfactory. These are:


  • Adi-France: Association des Directeurs Immobiliers/Organisation of Property Professionals. This organisation exists to promote exchange and cooperation between real estate company directors and professionals in order to further their common goals, through events and information sharing.


  • ADIL: Agence Departmentale pour l’Information sur le Logement/Regional Agency for Information about Housing. Departmental bureau of the above organisation.


  • ANAH: Agence Nationale de l’Habitat/National Agency for Housing. This is an organisation that can help property owners carry out energy-saving and other refurbishment works, usually in the form of subsidies.


  • ANABF: Association nationale des architectes des Bâtiments de France/National Association of Architects of Buildings in France. Government department responsible for giving the green light to property development projects of particular size or importance; for example, renovations to historical buildings.


  • ANIL: Agence Nationale pour l’Information sur le Logement/National Agency for Information about Housing. Information and financial aid agency for those struggling to keep up with housing costs.


  • APIC: Association Professionelle des Intermediaires en Credit/Association of Brokerage Professionals. Organisation that promotes interests of the brokerage industry, with a heavy focus on mortgage brokering.


  • APUR: Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme/Parisian Urbanism Studio. The official city planning agency of Paris, that assesses environmental, architectural and societal implications of new construction projects; as well as being a general think-tank on now to improve the city’s make-up.


  • ARC UNARC: Association des Responsables de Copropriété (association des coproprietaires au services des coproprietaires)/Association of Co-ownership Officials (association of co-owners for co-owners). Non-government organisation that helps co-owners and co-ownerships better manage their buildings.


  • ASPIM: Association des Societes de Placement Immobilier/Association of Property Investment Companies. Loose organization of property investment funds such as SCPIs and other mutual funds in property: not for individual buyers. Advances the interest of the industry and releases regular publications.


  • CLCV: Association Nationale de défense des consommateurs et usagers/National Association for the Interests of Consumers and Users. Consumer interest organization that, while covering all kinds of markets and consumers, is often cited as a voice in support of the rights of both renters and buyers in the property market.


  • Clameur. Rental market observatory organisation that regularly releases market findings.


  • CNAI: Conseil National des Agents Immobilier/National Council of Estate Agents. Advice and resource organisation for estate agents.


  • CNH: Conseil National de l’Habitat/National Council of Housing. Another Quango recently set up that focuses more on the quality of housing, notably by renovation of existing properties to better use the country’s housing stock.


  • CSCEE: Le Conseil supérieur de la construction et de l’efficacité énergétique/Council of Construction and Energy Efficiency. Quango set up in 2014 to modernise the property industry, in consultation with the private sector.


  • DGCCRF: Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes/General Department for Competition, Consumption and Prevention of Fraud. Government branch that deals with market transparency, fair competition, consumer rights and fraud.


  • DRIHL: Direction Regionale et Interdepartmentale de l’Hebergement et du Logement/Regional and Inter-regional Directorship of Housing and Accommodation. Government department of housing and shelter, within which there are several important sub-organisations:
    • CCAPEX: Organisation that deals with expulsions of tenants, through which all requests by landlords must be made.
    • CAF: Organisation that provides funds for in-need families renting property.


  • EX’IM. One of the largest networks of experts in property surveying, including electricity, gas and energy-efficiency.


  • FNAIM: Federation Nationale de l’Immobilier/National Federation of Property. An organisation of property professionals that publishes statistics and advances the interests of the industry, by opposing rent controls and what they see as excessive regulation of estate agents’ activity.


  • FPI: Federation des Promoteurs Immobiliers de France/Federation of Property Developers of France. An association of property developers that seeks to advance the interests of the industry and help spearhead its improvement and modernisation. Regularly holds conferences bringing together industry professionals.


  • FSIF: Federation des Societes Immobilieres et Foncieres/Federation of Property Companies and Funds. Organisation founded in 1935 that promotes, studies and disseminates intelligence and interests of the property investment industry.


  • FSL: Fonds de Solidarites pour le Logement/Solidarity Fund for Housing. Government financial assistance to those struggling to meet their housing costs.


  • GIE Immostat. Commercial real estate market observatory firm that regularly releases quarterly figures.


  • GRL: Garantie de Risques Locatif/Rental Risk Guarantee. This is a way that, through an insurance company, a landlord can protect themselves against the risks of tenants not paying up or damaging the property.


  • HLM: Habitation à Loyer Modéré/Housing with Lower Rent. Most commonly used acronym for social housing.


  • INSEE: Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques /National institute of statistics and economic studies. Government organisation responsible for statistic analysis of economic and consumer trends, that regular carries out studies into the housing and property sectors.


  • IRL: Indices Reference Loyer/Rent Reference Index. An inflation-pegged index that determines how much a landlord can raise rent upon renewing a lease, based on statistics from INSEE. It is usually 0.1 to 0.5%, which is the difference between the references before the start and renewal dates of the lease. See the up to date references on this government page.


  • LPI: 1er Observatoire des Prix Immobiliers du Secteur Privé/1st Observatory of Property Prices in the Private Sector. One of the foremost price observatory firms. Regularly releases market updates and the website has regularly updated information on prices, volume of transactions and negotiation margins (in French only).


  • Meilleurtaux/Best Rates. Mortgage brokerage company that provides market data and advice about property loans and how to get the best deal.


  • Notaires de Paris/Notaries of Paris. Association of notaries, the legal profession that finalize property transactions, who can also provide general legal advice to those looking to buy or sell property. Regularly releases market analysis and publications.


  • Observatoire Credit Logement/CSA. Mortgage credit observatory think-tank; the foremost authority in mortgage credit rates and other related statistics.


  • OLAP: Obervatoire des Loyers l’Agglomeration Parisienne/Paris Region Rent Observatory. Non-profit research organisation that seeks to elucidate the rental market in the Paris region. Releases an annual report on the Paris rental property market.


  • SCI: Societe Civil Immobilier/Real Estate Fund. Also a fund, but this time the investor chooses which properties to invest in. Normally used by families together to create a savings or estate to pass on to children.


  • SCPI: Société Civile de Placement Immobilier/Real Estate Investment Fund. This is a property/real estate investment fund that is much more of a mutual; investors do not choose the kinds of properties that their money is put in, outsourcing that work to a fund manager.


  • SNPI: Premier Syndicat Francais de l’Immobilier/France’s Primary Property Union. A union formed in 1960 that aims to promote the interests of the property industry and its professionals, primarily estate agents, property managers, other property unions and property evaluators.


  • UNIS: Union des Syndicats d’Immobilier/Union of Property Unions. Similar to FNAIM and SNPI, UNIS aims to position itself close to the consumer or professional in the industry. Regularly fights legislation alongside the other big two.


  • UNPI: Union Nationale de la Propriété Immobilere/National Union of Property Ownership. Union made up of 120 regional associations, providing council to property owners throughout France and lobbying for their interests.




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