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Luxury Napoleonic Apartment Spanning 524 m2 for Sale in the 16th Arrondissement


A luxury Napoleonic apartment in the 16th arrondissement has recently gone on the market; 524 m2 of imperial grandeur spread over 11 rooms. 

During the reign of Napoleon III, a unique style of luxury interior design emerged in Paris. This is viewable in its most illustrative splendour in his residential quarters, located in the upper levels of the Louvre Museum. Some residential properties throughout Paris still carry with them the aesthetic of the age. One such property is up for sale on a luxury real estate agency’s website.

The elaborately decorated ground-floor duplex (with top-floor service rooms) straddles the Avenue Henri-Martin in the 16th arrondissement and Muette quartier, lying only a stone’s throw from the Bois de Boulogne. Eleven rooms, six of which are bedrooms, three caves, two service rooms and a garden make up the property.

The interior design boasts high ceilings, ornamental coving and luxury furniture; while a plush mix of claret and gold colours permeate the property. Title pictured is the grand salon, the main reception room for receiving guests. The 185 m2 enclosed garden surrounds the property, pictured below.


A quote from the listing agency describes in great detail the property’s charm.

“Under the glow of the grandiose interior features, the visitor can feel like they are wandering in a smaller version of the Opera Garnier, the symbol of Napoleon III’s style and the height of chic during the Second Empire. In keeping with the aristocratic style, the garden contributes to this the rarity of the property, creating a cocktail of luxury and refinement that simply awaits the arrival of future occupants willing to carry the mantle.”


“With a small amount of renovation, the apartment has the allure of a hotel particulier [townhouse or mansion] and could play host to all manner of festivities and memorable balls under the watchful gaze of the smiling angels that adorn the ceilings.”

The asking price for the luxury property is listed by the agency at €12,500,000, all fees included.

images © Patrice Bresse


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