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From October, All Airbnb Hosts in Paris Will Need to Register Their Property


All Airbnb hosts in Paris will soon have to register their property with local authorities to use the platform. The new law aims to ensure no one can flout the 120-day limit as set by the Alur laws in 2014. 

The latest news that communes of over 200,000 inhabitants will be able to require all hosts on short-term rental sites like Airbnb to register their property is the culmination of a long process of collaboration between the site and Paris authorities.

The measure, announced by the deputy mayor of Paris Ian Brossat, means that anyone looking to rent their home through Airbnb in Paris will have to apply to their local authority for a registration number. This number will permit them to list their property and allow authorities to ensure no one is flouting the 120-day limit.

It was only two months ago that the Airbnb proposed setting an automatic limit on the site. This wasn’t enough for authorities who have forced this latest measure through the Paris Council to be adopted in June. Perhaps they feared hosts would simply re-list properties under a different name and address. The fact other sites hadn’t made the proposal also made it void.

“It’s an interesting proposal,” Brossat said at the time, “but there is no question of cancelling the registration number, as other platforms have not made the same proposals.”

Paris alone has 65,000 properties listed on the platform, which many say reduces the stock of affordable housing and pushes up prices for the rest. To what extent this is true is debatable. The platform is overwhelmingly used by thrifty rental tenants trying to economize, with an average annual rental duration of 33 days and income of €2,300.

Some commentators have pointed out that the wording of the decree shows it is largely aimed at placating the hospitality industry which feels unfairly competed against by Airbnb. One particular passage “calls on municipalities to seize this new opportunity without hesitation.” Other populated communes (municipalities) will be able to implement the measure once it is finalised in June, while Paris is the only we know of that has already made its mind up.

Airbnb hosts in Paris are now faced with an extra headache when using the property to economise on their house purchase or rental. However, with this latest measure perhaps the war waged on the platform could finally cease. Probably not, though.

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