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Owning real estate in France

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Tax and other financial obligations for Paris real estate owners

Learn about the building association dues, property tax, income tax, French wealth tax

Learn the rules for renting out a room in your apartment

Learn about renting or selling your chambre de bonne

The home association for building management and upkeep

Learn about the assemblee generale, building management and maintenance

Adding a private outdoor space to your Paris apartment

Learn about shared gardens, terraces and balconies

Expert Insights on Owning:

Important changes to inheritance laws in France are welcomed by residents and non-residents alike

An EU-wide regulation, passed by the European Parliament in July 2012 with effect from August 2015, will result in a drastic and welcome change to the inheritance rules governing real estate in France, for both residents and non-residents alike. Paris-based notaire Pierre-Alain Conil helps navigate the new landscape.

Give your Paris apartment a make-over with 10 fresh ideas from Penny Drue Baird

Ever wonder how top designers can make a space feel wonderful with just a few touches here and there? Internationally known interior designer Penny Drue Baird shares her tips for simple ways to revive your living space. A perfect way to make an old space feel new, no matter where in the world you live.

End of exemption from social charges for non-resident property owners

The August lull that sends most Parisians running to the beaches for vacation did not slow the French government from passing important “rectifying” changes in the taxation of real estate gains, rental income and net wealth.

Buying smart: navigating the debate on short-term rental apartments in Paris

Mayor Delanoë continues to press his position that rentals of under one year (9 months to students) are unlawful unless the apartment in question has “commercial”, rather than “residential”, status. Like minds disagree as to whether this position is correct and sustainable in the courts, but either way there are some things that can be done to avoid problems.

Short term rentals in Paris: what’s the story?

Are short term rentals in Paris legal or not? What exactly is the position of the city, and what are they doing about it? How do you protect your investment without running afoul of the law – or your neighbors? Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group explains the state of the arguments and what to do.


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