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The home association for building management and upkeep

Assemblée Générale de Copropriété

The assemblée générale de copropriété is a business meeting of the co-owners in a building. The meeting is called by the building management company, or syndic, who also presides over the meeting. This is generally an annual meeting, with extraordinary meetings if pressing issues arise or if a co-owner wants to call a vote on an issue and does not want to wait until the next scheduled meeting.

The syndic mails out the agenda several weeks before the meeting to all the co-owners. Voting is strictly limited to the issues listed in that agenda notice. Items on the agenda will usually include building management fees, approval of the syndic’s management contract, proposed building works, as well as requests by individual owners that require co-owner approval. The votes are recorded in the ordre du jour, or meeting minutes, which is mailed to each of the co-owners after the meeting.

Absent owners can vote by proxy or give a power of attorney to a third party to attend and vote on their behalf. Strict laws govern the number of votes and the number of co-owners who must be present for certain changes to be made to the building, such as a change of use of the building, or the sale of commonly-owned space to one of the co-owners or to an outside buyer.


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