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Paris 1-20

Learn About Paris 1-20:

All about the 1st Arrondissement

The heart of Paris, the first arrondissement is home to some of Paris’ most celebrated historic sights, including the Tuileries garden, the Louvre museum, and the Palais Royal and its gardens.

All about the 2nd Arrondissement

Starting out since the 12th century as the home to Paris’ merchants in what was then the outskirt of the city, today it is one of the most prestigious addresses for it’s diverse range of sights, shops, and restaurants.

All about the 3rd Arrondissement

The northern part of the historic Marais, the third is an eclectic neighborhood with plenty to see and do.

All about the 4th Arrondissement

The heart of the Marais, the 4th arrondissement has had many incarnations through the centuries, alternating between aristocratic hotspot to Jewish ghetto then back again, and to its present hip and trendy status.

All about the 5th Arrondissement

The historic Latin Quarter has been home to scholars for centuries, it’s pride the world-renown Sorbonne University.

All about the 6th Arrondissement

Boulevard Saint German, the iconic Parisian thoroughfare of cafés, window-shopping, and romantic nights out, bisects the northern 6th arrondissement.

All about the 7th Arrondissement

Quintessential Paris, the 7th is divided into distinct neighborhoods each with a different feeling.

All about the 8th Arrondissement

The epicenter of luxury shopping, 5-star hotels, 3-star Michelin restaurants and glamorous clubs, the 8th is the flashy side of Paris.

All about the 9th Arrondissement

The 9th is an area that Parisians love and it is easy to see why: a good mix of fresh markets, street shopping, nightlife, theaters, and affordable new restaurants keeps the neighborhoods bustling and make this area highly sought after to live.

All about the 10th Arrondissement

The 10th is home to two of the major train stations in Paris, Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est, attracting Brits who seek conveniently located pied-á-terres.

All about the 11th Arrondissement

Traditionally a working class neighborhood, the 11th retains a great deal of its grungy, working class feel as it continues to attract more and more of Paris’ artsy, eclectic residents and businesses, particularly in the the streets around the rue Oberkampf.

All about the 12th Arrondissement

The 12th arrondissement is generally considered an affordable option, and many native Parisians call it home.

All about the 13th Arrondissement

Hidden in the middle of the urban 13th is a historic, preserved hilltop village called La Butte aux Cailles. Narrow cobblestone streets house charming apartment buildings and single family homes, and historic, family-owned restaurants. For many, it’s the Montmartre of the left bank.

All about the 14th Arrondissement

Known mostly for the ungainly Montparnasse Tower, the highest commercial building within the border of Paris, this neighborhood is home to many lovely, small neighborhoods that are favorites with French residents.

All about the 15th Arrondissement

The 15th arrondissement runs the range, from pricey bourgeois to some of the most affordable neighborhoods in west Paris.

All about the 16th Arrondissement

The bourgeois 16th is still the strong favorite for families looking for good schools, tree-lined boulevards and well-maintained dressed stone buildings. 

All about the 17th Arrondissement

This family-friendly arrondissement has a good share of lovely, prestigious apartment buildings, a bit more affordable than similar properties in the neighboring 16th and 8th arrondissements.

All about the 18th Arrondissement

The famous 18th arrondissement of Paris is best known for Sacré Coeur, the iconic white domed church at the highest point in Paris in Montmartre.

All about the 19th Arrondissement

This is one of the largest arrondissements in Paris, and historically the gateway for Paris immigrant communities, which also explains its diversity.

All about the 20th Arrondissement

Considered the most socially diverse arrondissement in Paris, the 20th has seen big changes in the last years as more young bobos (shorthand for bourgeois bohemians) are drawn to the area for its cafés and its cosmopolitan village-like ambience – and more affordable prices.


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