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All about the 12th Arrondissement

Paris 12th arrondissement

The 12th arrondissement is generally considered an affordable option, and many native Parisians call it home.

In recent years coveted neighborhoods like those around the renovated Viaduc des Arts on Avenue Daumesnil have become very attractive to buyers and renters alike, and prices have seen a steep rise there over the last few years. Several neighborhoods in the 12th have a lot to offer the young, off-beat crowd: Marché d’Aligre, a daily food market in the market hall that spills over into the streets on the weekends; the diverse and lovely Bercy park near the Gare de Lyon, with the nearby stone warehouse converted into shops, restaurants and a large cinema; or the lovely Square Trousseau just off the rue Faubourg Saint Antoine.   Parisians from throughout the city travel to the outskirts of the 12th to visit the Bois de Vincennes, a massive public park surrounding a former royal fortress.   

Located on the right bank of the River Seinethe 11th has been significantly redeveloped in recent years, especially in the areas of Cour Saint-Émilion and Bercy, now containing the French Ministry of Finances and the Bercy arena.

QUARTIERS: bel-airpicpusbercyquinze-vingts

The market has flattened out after skyrocketing in parts of the 12th arrondissement, with prices climbing substantially along the quais leading up to Bastille. Prices are lower but rising close to the Boulevard Périphérique on the outskirts, or abutting the 20th arrondissement

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Bel-Air Picpus Bercy Quinze-Vingts
6.38 km2 (2.46 sq mi) 138,300 6,913 – 10,117 6,915 – 10,099 6,772 – 9,964 7,270 – 10,994



Viaduct des Arts: This once partically disused and misused viaduct was transformed by the state into a series of artisan shops, restaurants, and exhibit spaces. A garden spans the top of the viaduct.


Marché D’Aligre: Great food market, very popular and good value. Next to it on Place D’Aligre there is a second-hand market with books, old dishes, clothes etc… After a visit to the market one can go doe a glass of wine and oysters at the Baron Rouge. 


Promenade Plantée: This park covers what used to be a set of elevated train tracks and is now a linear garden offering a dramatic midair walk through Paris. The promenade covers the width of the 12th and continues on the ground level with tunnels, mini-waterfalls , and grottos along the way, as well as a dedicated bike path. Elevator access at intersection of blvd Diderot and rue Chanteron.


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