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All about the 16th Arrondissement

Paris 16th arrondissement

The bourgeois 16th is still the strong favorite for families looking for good schools, tree-lined boulevards and well-maintained dressed stone buildings. 

This large arrondissement, spanning the entire west side of Paris, contains mostly residential neighborhoods, but also a couple of gorgeous parks.  The immense Bois de Boulogne offers everything from horse racing, to boating on lakes, a children’s amusement park, extensive rose gardens, an outdoor theatre and a number of lovely restaurants.  The areas closest to the Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero, and the Place Victor Hugo are the most expensive areas for real estate, while the area to the south along Ave. Mozart to Village d’Auteuil is populated with gated communities of single-family mansions. Historically the home of the French and international bourgeois, the many hôtels particuliers here remain prestigious private homes, or house a number of Paris’ museums, embassies and cultural centers.

Located on the right bank of the River Seine, also known as the “Arrondissement de Passy”, can be compared to London’s Kensington and Chelsea, and has been associated with great wealth in French popular culture through the phrase “le 16e”.

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The 16th arrondissement is still the strong favorite for families looking for good schools, lush parks, good quality of life and well-maintained classic style buildings. Prices are highest in the northern areas around avenue Mozart and the Mairie, as well as the areas around Victor Hugo and Raymond Poincaré and Trocadero, popular with the Anglophone community.  The part farther South near Auteuil is a favorite for some French for its village-like feeling.

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Auteuil Muette Porte-Dauphine Chaillot
7.85 km2 (3.03 sq mi) 149,500 7,962 – 12,767 8.777 – 15,606 9,247 – 15,295 9,248 – 16,451



Musée Marmottan Monet: An extraordinary collection of illuminated manscripts, and there is Monet, the largest collection of his work can be found here.


Marché President Wilson: Several Michelin starred chefs get their veggies from one of the vendors here (you won’t have to guess to figure out which stand it is) who offers organic violet potatioes, exotov herbs and an assortment of other strange shaped foods.


Bois de Bologne: A huge wooded area on the western boundary of Paris, nearly three times the size of New York’s Central Park. There are bike and rowboat rentals, thh Longchamp horse-racing track, the Jardin d’Acclimitation, an amusement park for children, and a 3-star Michelin restaurant, It is the city’s most untamed park – particularly at night when it transforms into an improvised red-light district. 


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