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All about the 18th Arrondissement

Paris 18th arrondissement

The famous 18th arrondissement of Paris is best known for Sacré Coeur, the iconic white domed church at the highest point in Paris in Montmartre.

At the bottom of the hill, the Moulin Rouge cabaret defines a different spirit and a different history, of this eclectic arrondissement. The streets of Montmartre bustle with sketch artists and tourists, keeping it lively but somewhat redundant unless you know how to get off the beaten path. On the back side of the hill from Sacré Coeur, you will find some of the most charming, tree-lined streets in Paris, and Paris’ best flea markets toward the northern edge of the city. Rue Caulaincourt and Avenue Junot are full of cafés, wonderful bakeries, and one-off shops selling anything from porcelain doll parts to antique wind-up toys. The rare hôtels particuliers sell quickly and often by word-of-mouth when they come on the market.

Located on the right bank of the River Seine, it also contains the African and North African district of Goutte d’Or which is famous for its market, the marché Barbès, where one can find various products from that continent.

QUARTIERS: grandes-carrieresclignancourtgoutte-d’orchapelle

There is quite a range in price among the different neighborhoods of the 18th. Expect to pay Marais-like prices for a large apartment with a great view and a terrace or garden in Montmartre, but prices fall fast toward the Goutte d’Or neighborhood, where where prices are among the lowest in Paris.  The neighborhood near the Metro Guy Moquet, toward the 17th arrondissement, is coming to life with bakeries, shops and a young cosmopolitan feel – get in while you can at that price. Around Abbesses and rue Lepic the price is still quite high – but the market is not as fast as it was, and buyers are starting to bargain.

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Grandes-Carrières Clignancourt Goutte-d’Or Chapelle
6.01 km2 (2.32 sq mi) 188,700 6,591 – 10,219 6,273 – 9,027 5,270 – 7,623 5,425 – 7,325



Musée : A delightful house overlooking gardens and the last remaining vineyards of Montmartre, a visit here introiduces you to the history of the old village and the artists who loved it.


Rue Lepic and rue Abbesses: This area holds a lot of specialty shops and wine bars. Plus, the baker at 38 rue Abbesses won the 2010 award for the best baguette. Always a lively area and great for enjoying a glass of wine at one of the numerous sidewalk cafés.


Parc de la Turlure (Parc Marcel Bleustein-Blachet): Hiding just behind Sacré Coeur is a peaceful park that is largely overlooked by the crowds in Montmartre. The little fountain, arbor of trees, and splendid views of the church make this park the ultimate relaxation spot amid the bustle of tourists.


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