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All about the 1st Arrondissement

Paris 1st arrondissement, by MatthiasKabel

The heart of Paris, the first arrondissement is home to some of Paris’ most celebrated historic sights, including the Tuileries garden, the Louvre museum, and the Palais Royal and its gardens.

Walking through this elegant neighborhood, especially down the rue Saint Honoré with its high-end designer shopping and trendy restaurants and cafés, is a luxury Parisian experience. Filled with grandeur and history, the 1st arrondissement is also one of the most expensive in the city. 

Principally situated on the right bank of the River Seine, it also includes the west end of the Île de la CitéMuch of the arrondissement is dedicated to business and administration. 

QUARTIERS: saint-germain-auxerroisles-hallespalais-royalplace-vendome

A small apartment in this historic neighborhood remains costly. In the most coveted neighborhoods – from the Tuileries gardens to Palais Royal and around the Banque de France – apartments are particularly hard to find and can easily fetch top prices for the best properties. 

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Saint Germain l’Auxerrois Les Halles Palais Royal Vendôme
1.83 km2
(0.71 sq mi)
17,700 10,985 – 26,662 9,228 – 16,093 9,703 – 21,377 9,912 – 17,852



Musée de l’Orangerie: Skip the Mona Lisa and head to the glass and stone oasis personally chosen and arranged by Claude Monet to house his masterful water lilies. A private impressionist collection including Cezanne, Renoir, Picasso, Rousseau, Matisse and Modigliani is a delight.


Marché des Halles: The oldest outdoor market in Paris, dating from the 12th century, has transformed over the years as Paris has grown and changed itself. Today, there are around 20 stands offering a selection of produce, baked goods, meats, cheeses, and several organic stands are there as well. Thursdays 12:30 to 20h and Sundays 7 am to 15h. 


Palais Royal: Once the celebrated courtyard of a palace, the gardens of the Palais Royal are a regal way to enjoy afternoon. Several shops, cafés, and the landmark Grand Vefour restaurant line the covered walkways around the gardens.

Jardin des TuileriesThis is one of Paris’ most elegant parks, stretching between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde. It has a gated play area, free trampolines, a beautiful vintage merry-go-round and toy boats to rent.


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