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All about the 4th Arrondissement

Paris 4th arrondissement

The heart of the Marais, the 4th arrondissement has had many incarnations through the centuries, alternating between aristocratic hotspot to Jewish ghetto then back again, and to its present hip and trendy status.

The changing social fabric and narrow, crowded streets of the Marais spared it the bulldozer of Baron Haussmann, making it one of the few areas in Paris where Renaissance through 18th century architecture still abounds. The Île Saint Louis, which defines this arrondissement’s southern edge, is the oldest part of Paris, where the city first began.

Located on the right bank of the River Seine, it is bordered to the north by the 3rd arrondissement, to the east by the 11th and 12th, to the south by the Seine and the 5th, and to the west by the 1st arrondissement.

QUARTIERS: saint-merrisaint-gervaisarsenalnotre-dame

The 3rd most expensive area in Paris, the Marais, dropped in price in recent years amid a growing sense that sellers had pushed the bounds of reason on listing prices. Sellers often list higher than the real selling price for the area. There is still good value in the lively, village-like part of the Marais when compared to Saint Germain de Prés. Look to the neighborhoods off of rue Saint Paul and north of the Place de Vosges for the rare, quieter streets. Prices are top for the Ile St Louis, where tourists have nearly eliminated any sense of a neighborhood life and may someday dampen it’s appeal, but that day has yet to come.

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Saint-Merri Saint-Gervais Arsenal Notre-Dame
1.60 km2 (0.62 sq mi) 28,600 8,580 – 12,375 8,505 – 12,223 8,426 – 12,544 11,703 – 12,384



Centre Georges Pompidou: This architectural curiosity designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers is a thriving cultural center housing the national museum of modern art, a refernce library, a centre for industrial design and a centre for music and acoustic research. Performers draw crowds on the large, slpoing plaza out front, and visitors can eat in style at Georges, the space oddity restaurant offering contemporary French fare and beautifulviews off the terrace.


Marché Baudoyer: Located on the square in front if the Mairie of the 4th, the Marché Baudoyer holds a small selection of vendors and a good Spanish traiteur who serves a wonderful paella. 


Square Jean XXIII: Directly behind Notre Dame, this beautiful garden offers spectacular views of the flying buttresses if the cathedral. 


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