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All about the 6th Arrondissement

Paris 6th arrondissement

Boulevard Saint German, the iconic Parisian thoroughfare of cafés, window-shopping, and romantic nights out, bisects the northern 6th arrondissement.

The cozy streets to the north toward the Seine are home to the prestigious art galleries, antique shops and French School of Fine Arts, that give the Left Bank its artistic reputation. The area toward Luxembourg gardens has a more grand and spacious feeling. Don’t be surprised that the property prices in the 6th are also the highest in Paris, with riverfront property in the 6th and 7th priced stratospherically high. If you can afford it, this is ideal real estate for an elegant pied-à-terre in Paris. 

Located on the left bank of the River Seinethis central arrondissement has played a major role throughout Paris history and is well known for its café culture and the revolutionary intellectualism and literature it has hosted

QUARTIERS: monnaieodeonnotre-dame-des-champssaint-germain-des-pres

Still the most expensive real estate in Paris, and the overwhelming favorite of foreign buyers (35% foreign buyers in 2010). Unsurprisingly, the neighborhood is a prime example of the widening wealth gap. Property prices in Paris have gone up average in the past years, and though it is already the most expensive arrondissement, the 6th leads the pack with top gains! The prices here fluctuate drastically depending on the quality of the property and the building, with record-breaking prices for the exceptional. 

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Monnaie Odéon Notre-Dame-des-Champs Saint-Germain-des-Prés
2.15 km2 (0.83 sq mi) 45,200 12,356 – 21,084 12,065 – 24,426 10,583 – 17,126 12,140 – 16,563



Musée du Luxembourg, Senat: The first French museum opened to the public, it originally housed the royal collection before that was moved to the Louvre. This small museum is devoted to temporary exhibits of the finest quality covering a range of artists and periods. The gradens make a pleasant backdrop for people watching as well.


Marché de blvd Raspail: A favorite of the Barefoot Comtessa, this french market even has an Amercian who sales homemade muffins. On Sundays there is an organic market.


Jardin du Luxembourg: The gardens have a classical water basin at their center, but also fruit orchards, two museums and tennis courts. Enjoy a stop at the central café, or visit one the innovative exhibits that are regularly housed in and around the park. The park is also a haven for children with pony rides, wooden toy boats on the pond, climbing structures, play equipment and trhe famous guignol marionettes theatre.


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