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All about the 7th Arrondissement

Paris 7th arrondissement

Quintessential Paris, the 7th is divided into distinct neighborhoods each with a different feeling.

The areas near Champs de Mars and bordering the 6th tend to be more highly prized, while the area near the 15th can feel very residential and quiet. On a sunny day, the 7th is perfect for strolling through the gardens of the gorgeous Rodin museum, or sitting on the Champ de Mars in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a picnic. The charming rue Cler abounds with produce, meat, cheeses, breads, spices and more are on offer, flanked by plenty of sidewalk cafés. The 7th is also home to many government offices, ministries and the Assemblée Nationale, seat of the French parliament. Sought after for it’s central location, proximity to parks and it’s spacious feeling, real estate in the 7th is the second most expensive in Paris. The Carré des Antiquaires, north of the Boulevard Saint Germain toward the Seine, is one of the most coveted residential addresses in the city. 

Located on the left bank of the River Seine, this central arrondissement hosts many diplomatic embassies and has been home to the French upper class since the 17th century, hence the 7th arrondissements’ ancient name le Faubourg is used to describe French nobility ever since.

QUARTIERS: saint-thomas-aquininvalidesecole-militairegros-caillou

Stratospheric prices are becoming the norm in the 7th due to sustained interest by both foreign investors and residential buyers, and a general shortage of apartments on the market. Prices in the 7th had the second largest jump last years of anywhere in Paris, behind only the 6th.  The area around Champs de Mars, Invalides and rue Cler are pricey, especially if they have a view, and popular with foreign buyers who want to rent their apartments when they are not in residence. The area bordering the 6th is where you’ll find some of the steepest prices.

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin Invalides Ecole-Militaire Gros-Caillou
4.09 km2 (1.58 sq mi) 55,400 11,957 – 20,935 9,909 – 25,729 9,652 – 16,774 9,434 – 23,144



Musée du Quai Branly: High above a lush garden and sheltered behind a large glass sound barrier wall floats the museum that houses the indigenous art collections from the Americans, Oceana, Polynesia, and Asia. With leather clad walls and winding trails, this museum bridges the modern and the primitive.


Rue Cler: One of the most famous street markets, popular among tourists, it is a nice place to visit. There is a great selection of specialty shops and cafés.


Jardin Catherine-Labouré: A sizable garden hidden behind high walls, with an arbor-covered walkway and lawns lined with Linden and Poplar trees. A community vegetable patch and children’s play area and sandbox add a touch of liveliness to this tranquil oasis. 


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