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All about the 9th Arrondissement

Paris 9th arrondissement

The 9th is an area that Parisians love and it is easy to see why: a good mix of fresh markets, street shopping, nightlife, theaters, and affordable new restaurants keeps the neighborhoods bustling and make this area highly sought after to live.

Just south of Pigalle (which Parisians have started to affectionately call SoPi in honor of SoHo) down to Saint Georges and around the rue des Martyrs is one of the most charming, young, hip and livable areas in Paris. The fire has caught on, and great properties now command a high price here too.

Located on the right bank of the River Seine, together with the 2nd and 8th arrondissements, it hosts one of the business centers of Paris, located around the Opéra.

QUARTIERS: saint-georgeschaussee-d’antinfaubourg-montmartrerochechouart

Overpriced or historically undervalued? In the area of Martyrs-St Georges, the trendiest neighborhood in the 9th arrondissement, it’s hard to find anything outside the 50 to 80m² size, and the prices are the highest in the area. For a larger family apartment look in the neighborhoods near the Grands Boulevards around La Fayette-Châteaudun, or the streets around rue Clichy and rue Amsterdam, where a nice-sized apartment can be had for less.

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Land area Population
(2005 estimate)
Price per square meter in EUROS
(prices vary based on size and condition)
Saint-Georges Chaussée-d’Antin Faubourg-Montmartre Rochechouart
2.18 km2 (0.84 sq mi) 58,500 7,490 – 10,223 9,108 – 12,227 7,796 – 9,022 7,081 – 9,422



Musée Gustave Moreau: Built by the artist Gustave Moreau, as a place to display his own art in the setting he desired, this museum is very unique and full of the artist’s symbolic paintings and drwaings


Rue Montorgueil: This charming pedestrian street is located in the heart of the right bank. Lined with specialty shops for fish, meat, cheese, produce, and charcuterie. rue Montorgueil is not to be missed. Be sure to try the sweet and savory pastries and baked goods at La Maison Stohrer, Paris’ oldest bakery.


Jardin du Musée de la Vie Romantic: One of Paris’ well kept secrets, this intimate garden is hidden behind a private mansion built in 1830 that is the museum of romantic life (make it Musée de la Vie Romantique). A few bistro tables and café service give visitors a chance to enjoy a tea amongst the flowers. 


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