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Paris to be populated by green towers by 2050?

Paris 2050 Green

A new project sets out to imagine what the French capital will look like in 34 years, taking into account the city and its inhabitants’ future energy requirements.

The Montparnasse Tower is set to become a “vertical Central Park” according to the architect behind the “Paris Smart City 2050” project, commissioned by the city of Paris. Engineering firm Setec Bâtiment and Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut have come up with a futuristic vision of Paris for 2050.

The illustrated study, published in the JDD, shows Paris as a truly “green” city, to take into account future requirements for the capital, its residents and the environment.

What do these requirements entail? The main constraints which will seemingly plague future Paris is a lack of space, which is already an existing problem, as well as climate changes that bring with them an increased risk of flooding and heat waves.

“We have suggested prototypes of energy-positive towers taking these future constraints into account,” explains Callebaut. The climate plan for 2050 must also be kept in mind, which sets out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

The study, which took four months to complete, imagines eight green and multifunctional towers measuring about 120 meters high, spread out across the capital, which would transform existing energy-greedy buildings into energy-positive structures that would “bring nature to the city,” according to Callebaut.

Thus, the Tour Montparnasse would become an extension of the Luxembourg Gardens, a sort of vertical Central Park over 58 floors accessed via a spiral walkway. The study also imagines “Mountain towers”: housing towers that would take root directly on the roof of existing buildings on the Rue de Rivoli.

If such projects seem quite extraordinary, they are nonetheless feasible even with existing technologies. However, according to Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor in charge of urban planning, “Paris Smart City 2050 far exceeds the subject of the study currently being conducted by the city of Paris. Our aim there is to envision a realistic future for the capital and its urban development.”

Photo credit: Vincent Callebaut Architecte


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