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Paris Property Price Statistics: Notaries and Seloger Release Findings


The Notaries of Paris have released their market findings for November to January. Combining this with listings site Seloger’s up-to-date Paris property price statistics, a very clear picture emerges.

A press release from the Notaries of Paris detailing the turn of the year, combined with the most recent findings from listings site Seloger shine a light on the capital. Together, they are a comprehensive overview of Paris property price statistics.

The Notaries’ figures indicate that November to January saw 17% more transactions year-on-year: 40,680 in total sold in the Ile-de-France region, 8,930 in Paris. In a revision of their predictions made last month, they estimate that a new record price per square meter of €8,570 will be achieved in May (though the confirmation of this will come some time after) for existing apartments. This will represent 5.7% yearly growth, according to their figures.

Websites like Seloger and Meilleursagents release findings based on agreed prices (promesse or compromis de vente) obtained from estate agents, while Notary organisations compile the figures from finalized sales (signed acte de vente). This means the latter arrive much later but are 100% accurate: agreed sales data is more susceptible to errors as well as sales falling through.


Seloger’s more up-to-date statistics indicate that the record has already been passed and by more than what the Paris Notaries had anticipated! The listings site has recorded a price per square meter in apartments of €8,808 at the end of March, higher than 2011’s record of €8,460.

Growth in the last 12 months (as of April 1) is 4.5%. Particularly fast-growing arrondissements are the 14th (+7.5%), 10th (+7%) and 9th (+6.9%). A full table showing prices and growth by arrondissement is below, statistics courtesy of Seloger/LPI.

ArrondissementPrice (€)Year Growth (%)ArrondissementPrice (€)Year Growth (%)
1st 81842.311th84132.4

arrondissements of paris © Wikicommons

title image © Globalism Pictures Paris skyline / Flickr


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