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Paris to eco-renovate 1000 buildings


The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has announced the eco-renovation of 1,000 Parisian buildings, as part of the city’s commitment to combat climate change.

The City of Paris will soon help eco-renovate 1,000 residential buildings in the capital, with the new “Eco-renovating Paris” initiative, now open for applications on the website.

Its aim is to encourage energy renovation in private homes to reduce their environmental impact and “fight against energy poverty.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced the project at the Climate-Action 2016 conference in Washington DC, highlighting the important part played by cities in the fight against global warming.

The residential sector reportedly accounts for 35% of all Parisian greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, 90% of Paris’ 47,000 condominiums were built before the first thermal regulations of 1974 and are therefore energy intensive.

The City of Paris began the process of reducing residential properties’ energy consumption in 2008, renovating 4,500 social housing units per year since then.

Now, Mayor Hidalgo seeks to encourage and assist private owners to conduct similar works. Renovated buildings are also “future investments that ensure the preservation and enhancement of Parisian real estate,” according to her.

The plan will be spread over five years and allow owners to receive free and personalized assistance in developing their individual eco-renovation project and receive financial aid towards implementing it.

51 million euros have been allocated to the project, with over 35 million from the City of Paris and 16 million from the National Housing Agency.

Celia Blauel, deputy to the mayor in charge of the environment and sustainable development has said that this project is “a first in a major European capital” due to its scale.

The project is set to renovate 1,000 buildings, with all condominiums — be their building from the post-war, Haussmannian or 1930s period — eligible for the program. They are encouraged to apply by 31 October to receive free and personalized support as well as financial aid paid out directly to the building owners and condominium unions to undertake the work.

Aid will be granted to fund energy and environment renovation work only if it allows a minimum energy gain of 15%. From that threshold, rates of aid vary between 10 and 30% on works costing between 5,000 and 25,000 euros.

Household income, owners’ motivation and project coherence will all be taken into account and additional aid will be offered to low income owners and buildings with ambitious projects. While the project is open primarily to condominiums — which represent 75% of Parisian homes — applications from individually-owned buildings and detached houses are also accepted.

The “Eco-renovating Paris” program aims to save 4,420 tons of CO2 and create 2,500 jobs while accompanying 1,000 builds — comprising 30,000 individual homes — in their energy renovation projects.

According to the City of Paris, the program will help improve buildings’ comfort and residents’ living environment, save energy and reduce bills and contribute to the fight against global warming.

Photo credit: Wikimedia / Ana Paula Hirama


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