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Paris Real Estate Prices: Official Paris Notaires Market Update 2nd Q 2012

Paris Real Estate Prices

Sales of Existing (Ancien) Apartments

According to the most recent sales data available, from May to July 2012, 36,000 apartments were sold in Ile de France, marking a 21 to 22% decline compared to transactions concluded in the same time period in the two previous years.

The reduced volume was  similar for sales in Ile de France in general: 23% down for single-family homes and -20% for apartments throughout the region.  In departments around Ile de France, volume was down but the decrease smaller in Essonne (-13%) and Hauts de Seine (-9%).

Sale Prices of New Apartments

In July 2012, sale prices remained stable despite the considerable decline in sales, with little change in comparison to April 2012, or a year earlier in July 2011.

In the capital, the sale price per meter squared stabilized at an average of 8,410 € in July 2012 (+.2% over 3 months).

According to the latest price predictions by the Paris Notaires Association (based on properties currently under contract), sale prices in Paris should see a slight increase over the next two months and then a slight decline, with an average of 8,580 €/m2 at the end of September and 8,550 €/m2 at the end of October.  Current figures indicate that stable sale prices should continue in the coming months.


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