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Real estate prices in Paris by subway station

Metro Paris Subway Station

In central Paris you are rarely more than 500 meters (1/3 mile) from a métro (subway) station – it’s one of the densest subway systems in the world. Since using the subway is such a convenient way of getting around the city, closeness to a station is a factor influencing property prices.

An interactive map now enables you to compare real estate prices by subway station and line. It shows the average price per m2 of properties sold within a radius of 300 meters of the 245 subway stations in the city of Paris (plus the 58 suburban stations). The prices shown do not include agents’ commission or legal fees. They are updated every month on the basis of information from realtors and notaires (officials who handle property sales).

The map is fun to consult and an additional way for buyers and sellers to assess Paris real estate prices. However, the prices the map shows should be regarded as a guideline and do not replace comprehensive figures for all sales that notaires provide.


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