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Selling real estate in France

Learn About Selling:

What inspections are required for a Paris apartment sale?

Learn about termites, lead, and environmental efficiency surveys, when and who carries out the surveys, who pays

French Capital Gains Tax: the rules for individuals who are fiscally domiciled in France

Learn about capital gains taxes on primary residence in France

French Capital Gains Tax: the rules for international investors and non-residents of France

Learn about tax rates, social charges, deductions, deferred taxes when reinvesting

Expert Insights on Selling:

Non-residents who sold real estate in France will get refunds for overpaid taxes

The clock is ticking: property sales by non-French residents in 2014 and possibly 2013 were overtaxed. Refund claims must be filed before December 31, 2015. People who recently sold real estate in France but reside outside the country are owed substantial refunds for capital gains taxes and French social security contributions.

France reduces capital gains tax on real estate sold by non-EU residents

Notaire Marilyn Benichou explains some changes to French regulations about capital gains tax that apply to non-residents.

End of exemption from social charges for non-resident property owners

The August lull that sends most Parisians running to the beaches for vacation did not slow the French government from passing important “rectifying” changes in the taxation of real estate gains, rental income and net wealth.

Tips for selling your apartment in Paris

Your apartment in Paris is a big investment. Proper preparation can help you navigate the process from a position of strength. Miranda Bothe of Paris Property Group explains more.


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