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15th arrondissement

Who will Oversee the Renovation of Montparnasse Tower?

Architecture & Landmarks

Two architects are in the running to oversee the renovation of Montparnasse Tower as part of a wider redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood. 

A Property Tour of the Paris Marathon Route

Architecture & Landmarks

The Paris Marathon took place on Sunday, 40,000 runners looking to complete the 43.5km track through one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. What about the properties they ran past?

First new Skyscrapers in Paris Being Built Since 1973

Architecture & Landmarks

When the Tour Montparnasse was completed in 1973, its incongruous black facade and size led to Parisians saying “Never Again” to skyscrapers in Paris. It has taken forty years, but two are finally being built within the city limits: presenting the Tours Duo.

Reinventing the Seine: 72 Project Finalists Announced

Changing Landscape

One year one from its announcement, the ‘Reinventing the Seine’ project now has 72 finalists for the 35 sites along the Seine river. Propositions include diving centres, floating residential shipping containers for students and artistic renovations of abandoned sites.

Local Residents Opposed to Building Upwards in the 15th Arrondissement

Changing Landscape

It’s one of the only practical solutions to the housing shortage that comes with a growing urban population, but residents are often fiercely opposed to developers building upwards in their neighborhood. An ongoing case in the 15th arrondissement exemplifies this.

Paris Left Bank: Property prices rising slowly

Market Stats
Left bank property prices Paris

From the Champs de Mars to the Jardin des Plantes, going through the Jardin du Luxembourg, the south of the river remains attractive and Parisian property prices have been rising slightly overall.

One million square meters of unoccupied Parisian attic space may be turned into housing

Changing Landscape
Parisian rooftop

Commonly called chambres de bonne — or maids’ rooms — thousands of small properties lie empty under Parisian roofs. The City of Paris plans to buy these spaces and turn them into private or social housing.

France offers real (estate) solutions to the refugee crisis

Changing Landscape
building facade

With the global refugee crisis intensifying, private companies and public officials in France have prepared a number of temporary and permanent real estate solutions to house refugees.

Could Paris be adorned with vertical forests and parks by 2050?

Changing Landscape

Imagine the high-rise buildings of Paris clothed with trees and gardens, transforming the city into a green landscape. This is the idea outlined in a recently published study, Paris Smart City 2050.

A look at Paris’ most expensive real estate – street by street

Market Stats
most expensive streets Paris real estate

The French capital presents wide disparities in terms of real estate prices according to arrondissement or district. A new study reveals which Parisian streets comprise the capital’s highest price per square meter.


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