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16th arrondissement

Celine Dion’s Paris Mansion up for Sale for 9 million euros

Big Deals

The French-Canadian singer has decided to seller her hotel particulier in the 16th arrondissement, having bought it in 2008. What could the successful buyer of Celine Dion’s Paris mansion look forward to?

Luxury Napoleonic Apartment Spanning 524 m2 for Sale in the 16th Arrondissement

Architecture & Landmarks

A luxury Napoleonic apartment in the 16th arrondissement has recently gone on the market; 524 m2 of imperial grandeur spread over 11 rooms.

A Property Tour of the Paris Marathon Route

Architecture & Landmarks

The Paris Marathon took place on Sunday, 40,000 runners looking to complete the 43.5km track through one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities. What about the properties they ran past?

16th Arrondissement Apartment formerly belonging to Dictator’s Daughter for Sale

Architecture & Landmarks

You don’t rule an oil-rich country for 27 years with an iron first without amassing an enormous property portfolio. Now that Islam Karimov, ex-dictator of Uzbekistan, has died, his money and assets are being seized by authorities. One of these is a 16th arrondissement apartment.

60 Chambres de Bonne Transformed into Luxury Apartments in Paris

Architecture & Landmarks

Luxury apartments in Paris need a story as well as style to be a cut above the rest. A recent project turned 60 chambres de bonnes – old maid’s rooms in Hausmann buildings – into seven luxury properties, a novel approach to increasing the supply of housing.

Round-up of Construction Projects in Paris to be Completed in 2017

Changing Landscape

If you can gauge the state of the economy by how many cranes dot a city’s skyline, Paris is booming. Dozens of major construction projects in Paris will be completed by the end of the year, a testament to the revived property market.

Private Fund Acquires 5,500m2 Apartment Building in the 16th Arrondissement

Big Deals

The 16th arrondissement, famed for its luxurious apartments and high prices, has just seen a large deal take place on the Avenue Victor Hugo, the most expensive street of them all.

Paris Right Bank property market increasingly sought after

Market Trends
Paris right bank property prices

On the right bank, the real estate recovery stretches from popular areas to the more chic and expensive districts, with only the 16th arrondissement still being slightly slighted by property buyers.

Parisian service rooms worth a fortune, according to new study

Market Trends
Paris roof tops

Nestled in the attics of Parisian buildings, service rooms, maids rooms, or chambres de bonne as they are referred to in French, are selling like hot cakes, according to the notaires.

One million square meters of unoccupied Parisian attic space may be turned into housing

Changing Landscape
Parisian rooftop

Commonly called chambres de bonne — or maids’ rooms — thousands of small properties lie empty under Parisian roofs. The City of Paris plans to buy these spaces and turn them into private or social housing.


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