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18th arrondissement

The Price of Living Near Paris’ Top Attractions

Architecture & Landmarks

A recent survey by real estate statistics site calculated the average price per square meter in the 500m radius around Paris’ top 10 tourist attractions, then compared the figures with Paris and arrondissement averages. The results are surprising.

Paris Right Bank property market increasingly sought after

Market Trends
Paris right bank property prices

On the right bank, the real estate recovery stretches from popular areas to the more chic and expensive districts, with only the 16th arrondissement still being slightly slighted by property buyers.

Revival of the Paris property market: who’s buying and where?

Market Stats
Paris roofs Wikimedia Commons : Daniel Stockman

A previous Paris Property Group article detailed the start of a recovery for the French capital’s real estate market, due in part to low property prices. Buyers are back and it’s time to invest in the city, but where exactly?

Real estate prices in Paris: around the arrondissements

Market Stats
french door

French weekly l’Express recently published its annual run-down of property prices in Paris, having questioned realtors in each arrondissement (district) to get their view of market trends.

Montmartre: a village within a city with some hidden gems

Architecture & Landmarks

When most people think of Montmartre, they imagine the gleaming white domed façade of the Sacré Coeur church that dominates Paris. Or they recall the artists at their easels waylaying tourists in the Place du Tertre. These are certainly symbols of this legendary area of the city but there’s more to it than that.

Real estate prices in Paris: a guided tour of the arrondissements

Market Stats
Musée d'Orsay

Following the trend throughout France, real estate prices are dipping slightly in almost every Paris arrondissement. This presents some great opportunities for buyers. Weekly news magazine l’Express questioned agents in each arrondissement to get their view of market trends.

Luxury Paris apartment for sale in Dalida’s former Montmartre mansion

Architecture & Landmarks
Eiffel Tower view from Dalida's Montmartre flat for sale

Perched high on a hill overlooking Paris in the highly prized Butte Montmartre neighborhood of the 18th arrondissement, a top floor duplex in Dalida’s former Montmartre home is currently on the market.

Real estate prices in Paris: An overview by arrondissement

Market Stats
Champs-Elysées Real Estate Paris

Sales volume – meaning the number of real estate transactions – are down 20% in 2012 as compared with 2011. Although the best properties still sell quickly and at or near asking price, it has meant that Paris real estate buyers are getting some breathing room to separate the wheat from the chafe. “The market is moving at two speeds: prices for perfect well-located apartments remain stable, while those with undesirable features have lost 5 to 10%,” explains Jean-François of Milin Orpi of Felix Faure. Here is a closer look, arrondissement by arrondissement, at real estate prices in Paris France.

Paris: Beyond the Boulevards

Architecture & Landmarks
Paris Beyond the Boulevards

There comes a time in every love affair when you look beyond the charm and the beautiful face and learn whether the real substance is there. With Paris there is always more to learn. Paris is a collection of villages, each with it’s own charm, personality and history.

Factory Turned Chic Parisian Apartment

Changing Landscape
Ed Alcock for The New York Times

The New York Times featured a telling story last summer of a young couple moving from London to Paris, bringing their Paris real estate dream to life.


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