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2nd arrondissement

Round-up of Biggest Real Estate Deals in Paris in December

Big Deals

December has seen a number of transactions take place in and around the capital, with investors from Germany and Norway acquiring large office and commercial properties. Here are the biggest real estate deals in Paris from the last month.

Paris by Arrondissement: Detailed Maps Show Real Estate Price Values throughout the City

Market Stats
paris-arrondissement-16-property-prices-Fyltyr recently published a series of maps showing the different price levels within each arrondissement of Paris. This fantastic tool allows us not only to see which arrondissements are the most expensive, but specifically which roads and areas fetch the highest price

Paris Right Bank property market increasingly sought after

Market Trends
Paris right bank property prices

On the right bank, the real estate recovery stretches from popular areas to the more chic and expensive districts, with only the 16th arrondissement still being slightly slighted by property buyers.

Revival of the Paris property market: who’s buying and where?

Market Stats
Paris roofs Wikimedia Commons : Daniel Stockman

A previous Paris Property Group article detailed the start of a recovery for the French capital’s real estate market, due in part to low property prices. Buyers are back and it’s time to invest in the city, but where exactly?

Work not play: the most sought-after (and pricey) office spaces for rent in Paris

Market Stats

Specialized French commercial property listing site recently released the results of its research identifying the top 5 most expensive and desirable neighborhoods in Paris for office property.

A look at Paris’ most expensive real estate – street by street

Market Stats
most expensive streets Paris real estate

The French capital presents wide disparities in terms of real estate prices according to arrondissement or district. A new study reveals which Parisian streets comprise the capital’s highest price per square meter.

Paris’ finest palaces and mansions: the Bibliothèque Nationale de France site in the city center

Architecture & Landmarks

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library) is actually a complex of buildings in Paris’ 2nd arrondissement (district). It occupies the so-called Quadrilatère Richelieu (Richelieu rectangle), bordered by the Rues Colbert, des Petits-Champs, Richelieu, and Vivienne.

Real estate prices in Paris: around the arrondissements

Market Stats
french door

French weekly l’Express recently published its annual run-down of property prices in Paris, having questioned realtors in each arrondissement (district) to get their view of market trends.

Real estate prices in Paris: a guided tour of the arrondissements

Market Stats
Musée d'Orsay

Following the trend throughout France, real estate prices are dipping slightly in almost every Paris arrondissement. This presents some great opportunities for buyers. Weekly news magazine l’Express questioned agents in each arrondissement to get their view of market trends.

Paris real estate development projects 2013

Architecture & Landmarks
living room

Paris is known for its Haussmannian style apartment buildings, classic crown moldings and generally small living quarters. In the next year, this perception may change, as Paris sees the completion of over 30 brand new real estate developments. From total building refurbishments, to demolition and modern apartment construction, we have compiled the crème de la crème when it comes to new real estate developments in Paris.


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