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4th arrondissement

Paris by Arrondissement: Detailed Maps Show Real Estate Price Values throughout the City

Market Stats
paris-arrondissement-16-property-prices-Fyltyr recently published a series of maps showing the different price levels within each arrondissement of Paris. This fantastic tool allows us not only to see which arrondissements are the most expensive, but specifically which roads and areas fetch the highest price

The Price of Living Near Paris’ Top Attractions

Architecture & Landmarks

A recent survey by real estate statistics site calculated the average price per square meter in the 500m radius around Paris’ top 10 tourist attractions, then compared the figures with Paris and arrondissement averages. The results are surprising.

Paris Right Bank property market increasingly sought after

Market Trends
Paris right bank property prices

On the right bank, the real estate recovery stretches from popular areas to the more chic and expensive districts, with only the 16th arrondissement still being slightly slighted by property buyers.

French buyers reaffirm their presence on the super-luxury property market

Big Deals
hotel coulanges super-luxury French buyers Xavier Niel

Several large transactions undertaken by wealthy French buyers this year highlights the return of resident buyers to France’s super-luxury real estate market.

Paris continues to fight illegal tourist rentals with new public database

In Law

The City of Paris has decided to make public the list of tourist rental properties registered by their owners, and thus legally allowed to operate. The move aims to encourage homeowners engaging in short-term rentals to comply with the city’s regulations.

Luxury property in Paris flourishing since the start of the year

Market Trends
luxury interior

According to real estate professionals, 2015 saw the luxury property sector in Paris experience a booming recovery. Since then, opulent apartments and high-end mansions are once again being snapped up by wealthy buyers, to the delight of Parisian agencies.

Non-resident real estate buyers return to France

Market Trends
French countryside Wikimedia Commons : Andyblind

Study finds that real estate acquisitions by non-residents are on the rise in France after a decline in 2013. This confirms the slow growth in foreign purchases begun in 2014.

Sales volumes increased and property prices declined slightly during 3rd quarter of 2014

Market Stats

According to figures recently issued by the Notaires de France (officials who handle property transactions), sales volumes increased and property prices fell slightly in Paris during the third quarter of 2014.

A new index shows that real estate prices increased in Paris during summer 2014

Market Stats

According to a new property price index, real estate prices in Paris increased by almost 1% over the three months to September 2014.

Real estate prices in Paris: around the arrondissements

Market Stats
french door

French weekly l’Express recently published its annual run-down of property prices in Paris, having questioned realtors in each arrondissement (district) to get their view of market trends.


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