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7th arrondissement

Non-resident real estate buyers return to France

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French countryside Wikimedia Commons : Andyblind

Study finds that real estate acquisitions by non-residents are on the rise in France after a decline in 2013. This confirms the slow growth in foreign purchases begun in 2014.

Revival of the Paris property market: who’s buying and where?

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Paris roofs Wikimedia Commons : Daniel Stockman

A previous Paris Property Group article detailed the start of a recovery for the French capital’s real estate market, due in part to low property prices. Buyers are back and it’s time to invest in the city, but where exactly?

Defense Ministry building in Paris’ 7th arrondissement may become social housing

Changing Landscape
Ministère de la Défense Paris Anissa Putois

The French ministry of defense is leaving its building in the 7th arrondissement to move into new headquarters in the south of Paris. Paris’ Mayor wants to convert the old office to social housing.

A look at Paris’ most expensive real estate – street by street

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most expensive streets Paris real estate

The French capital presents wide disparities in terms of real estate prices according to arrondissement or district. A new study reveals which Parisian streets comprise the capital’s highest price per square meter.

Sales volumes of Paris property rose during 2014 but prices dipped

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During 2014, the number of sales of apartments in period buildings in Paris increased by 2% compared to 2013, but real estate prices decreased by 2.1%. These are the conclusions of the quarterly report for the 4th quarter of 2014 issued by the notaires, officials who handle property transactions in France.

Sales volumes increased and property prices declined slightly during 3rd quarter of 2014

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According to figures recently issued by the Notaires de France (officials who handle property transactions), sales volumes increased and property prices fell slightly in Paris during the third quarter of 2014.

Spotlight: An interview with luxury rental guru Madelyn Willems of Paris Perfect

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Paris Perfect Cote de Beaune Apartment Living Room

Madelyn Willems of Paris Perfect talks about her niche in the 7th arrondissement, what it means to offer serviced, luxury apartment rentals, and what she loves most about her adopted city.

Paris is one of the cities to invest in for luxury real estate in 2015

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arc de triomphe

New research on global cities shows that luxury real estate investors have an increasing appetite for investing in alternative neighborhoods in established cities, including Paris.

Real estate prices in Paris: around the arrondissements

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french door

French weekly l’Express recently published its annual run-down of property prices in Paris, having questioned realtors in each arrondissement (district) to get their view of market trends.

Paris property prices continue to resist, according to the latest figures

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eiffel view

According to recent figures, Paris real estate price have continued to hold up and the number of transactions has increased during the 2nd quarter of 2014.


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