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Competition to Build the Most Beautiful Building Facade in Paris Returns

Architecture & Landmarks

Introduced in 1898 but then abandoned in the 1930s, the Concours des Facades was an annual recognition of the most beautiful building facade in Paris for new constructions. A recent announcement from Paris authorities has indicated its imminent return.

16th Arrondissement Apartment formerly belonging to Dictator’s Daughter for Sale

Architecture & Landmarks

You don’t rule an oil-rich country for 27 years with an iron first without amassing an enormous property portfolio. Now that Islam Karimov, ex-dictator of Uzbekistan, has died, his money and assets are being seized by authorities. One of these is a 16th arrondissement apartment.

Ambitious renovation of Paris’ iconic La Samaritaine gets the green light back

Architecture & Landmarks
La Samaritaine Paris France

France’s highest administrative court reverses earlier rulings, finds that the proposed glass facade is sufficiently in harmony with Paris existing architecture.

Paris store La Samaritaine’s renovation on hold

Architecture & Landmarks
Paris store La Samaritaine renovation

A French court of appeals recently blocked the restoration of former Paris department store La Samaritaine on the grounds that its Rue de Rivoli façade does not match its historic setting.

The historic Concorde Opéra Paris hotel undergoes a major makeover

Architecture & Landmarks

The Concorde Opéra Paris hotel is undergoing a significant restoration program, prior to re-branding as the Hilton Paris Opéra in September 2014. The hotel remains open during the renovation work, which is scheduled for full completion in early 2015.

Paris’s iconic department store la Samaritaine undergoes redevelopment

Architecture & Landmarks
La Samaritaine - Rue de Rivoli, Paris

La Samaritaine, one of Paris’s iconic landmarks, is to be reborn following an ambitious makeover project. The famous department store, first opened in 1870, is situated between the Pont Neuf and the rue de Rivoli, close to the Louvre Museum. The 1st arrondissement (district) is the city’s luxury shop window, with some sought-after addresses.

Paris: Beyond the Boulevards

Architecture & Landmarks
Paris Beyond the Boulevards

There comes a time in every love affair when you look beyond the charm and the beautiful face and learn whether the real substance is there. With Paris there is always more to learn. Paris is a collection of villages, each with it’s own charm, personality and history.

Paris Buildings: A Brief History

Architecture & Landmarks
hipstamatic louvre

Paris, France, is an unusually coherent architectural creature. Paris’ modern buildings have developed gradually out of earlier styles; palaces and mansions have survived by transforming into apartments and shops, and most streets harbor a range of buildings from various centuries.


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