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What does Emmanuel Macron’s Election Mean for French Property?

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With Emmanuel Macron elected president, France enters a new era. One of free-market economics and a smaller state? One that is good for the French property market?

Property Developers in France Want to Reform the Politics of Real Estate

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The foremost association of property developers in France has set out ten measures to reform the relationship between politics and property.

Emmanuel Macron Promises to Liberalize Property and Housing

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Emmanuel Macron has made great strides since leaving the Socialist Party and running as an independent. Coming second in recent polls, a Macron presidency is a real possibility. What is his policy as regards property and housing?

What Does 2017 Hold for French Property Prices?

Market Trends

2016 has been a bumper year for French property prices, up 6% in the capital and 0.6% elsewhere, great news after five years of relentless falls. What does 2017 have in store?

What Would a Fillon Presidency Mean for French Property?

Market Trends

He’s gone from being political underdog to odds-on favorite to become the next French president. A look at Fillon’s property manifesto makes clear his Thatcherite agenda: liberalization, marketization and getting rid of rent controls.

Capital Gains tax for non-residents: social charges still apply but will now benefit the elderly

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Hammer and money

After removing social charges ruled unlawful from the capital gains taxes paid by non-residents selling property in France, the government has reintroduced the extra charges as “funds for the elderly.”

Why you should make a claim against social charges paid on capital gains tax

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Europa credito urgente

The French government has reintroduced extra capital gains taxes on property sold in France by non-residents, using a not so subtle legal subterfuge that may well be contested by the European Court of Justice in coming months.

Paris real estate taxes among cheapest in the world for international investors

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Louvre pyramid Paris

A new study surveying prime real estate in 15 major international cities reveals that Paris offers one of the most attractive tax regimes for foreign investors.

Non-residents who sold real estate in France will get refunds for overpaid taxes

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The clock is ticking: property sales by non-French residents in 2014 and possibly 2013 were overtaxed. Refund claims must be filed before December 31, 2015. People who recently sold real estate in France but reside outside the country are owed substantial refunds for capital gains taxes and French social security contributions.

A European Court ruling will result in France reimbursing foreigners overtaxed

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Since August 2012, non-residents who sell a property in France, or derive income from property rentals, have had to pay social charges totaling 15.5% on the net capital gain or the income. A recent judgment by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has overturned this rule.


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