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Paris Luxury Property Market Sees Revival in Post-Election Period

Market Trends

The election of France’s most openly pro-business president has given a boost to the Paris luxury property market, with multiple sources reporting a rejuvenated clientele. 

Macron Effect Sees British Buyers Return to Paris

Market Trends

As the ‘Macron Effect’ increases the appeal of Paris real estate, Brits are 10% of foreign buyers in the capital this year, a higher proportion than Americans.

Opposition to the Paris’ Biggest Construction Project since Disneyland Continues

Changing Landscape

Europacity is the biggest construction project in Paris since Disneyland was completed in 1992, and has provoked fervent opposition from multiple sections of society.

Euro to Dollar Rate Means now is Time to Buy Property in France

Market Trends

Now is a great time for US buyers to invest in French property, with recent euro to dollar fluctuations seeing Europe’s currency fall in value against its Atlantic neighbor.

Abu Dhabi Investment Fund Looks to Offload Huge Paris Real Estate Portfolio

Big Deals

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has announced its intention to sell its 1.5 billion m2 of Paris real estate, taking advantage of increased demand in the capital.

Biggest Real Estate Deals in Paris During March and April

Big Deals

Here is a round-up of the biggest real estate deals in Paris concluded from March to April, a period which saw numerous big-money transactions.

The UK is Leaving: the Brexit Effect on the French Property Market

Market Trends

The possibility that the UK would remain in the single market was recently put to bed by a speech from Theresa May. Has this accelerated the potential Brexit effect on the French property market?

Round-up of Biggest Real Estate Deals in Paris in December

Big Deals

December has seen a number of transactions take place in and around the capital, with investors from Germany and Norway acquiring large office and commercial properties. Here are the biggest real estate deals in Paris from the last month.

French Property Market in 2016 Rallies: a Look Back on the Year

Market Trends

With both rents and prices falling nationwide in 2015, the French property market of 2016 was crying out for a rejuvenation. Thanks to a mixture of low interest rates and increases in consumer confidence, construction, and foreign investment, transactions, prices and rents are all up.

Commercial Property Sector Sees Booming 2016: Prospects for 2017?

Market Stats

By end of year, around 28 billion euros will have been invested in commercial property such as office buildings and retail space. This is 13% higher than in 2015, and the question is, will 2017 continue this trend?


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