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It’s the Right Moment to Buy Luxury Property in France, Say Shoppers

Market Trends

A recent study by a French luxury property listings site of its users has discovered a renewed optimism among those looking at France as an investment destination. The idea that it is a great time to buy luxury property in France is more ubiquitous than at the same point 12 months ago.

Investing in Greater Paris: Which Suburbs Will Benefit the Most?

Market Trends

It will take 15 years and 28 billion euros, ending with the completion of 68 new stations and 200km of new train line. Despite the time frame, it’s not too early to consider investing in Grand Paris-beneficiary suburbs.

The UK is Leaving: the Brexit Effect on the French Property Market

Market Trends

The possibility that the UK would remain in the single market was recently put to bed by a speech from Theresa May. Has this accelerated the potential Brexit effect on the French property market?

What Does 2017 Hold for French Property Prices?

Market Trends

2016 has been a bumper year for French property prices, up 6% in the capital and 0.6% elsewhere, great news after five years of relentless falls. What does 2017 have in store?

French Property Market in 2016 Rallies: a Look Back on the Year

Market Trends

With both rents and prices falling nationwide in 2015, the French property market of 2016 was crying out for a rejuvenation. Thanks to a mixture of low interest rates and increases in consumer confidence, construction, and foreign investment, transactions, prices and rents are all up.

Focus on the Poitiers Property Market: Where to Invest?

Market Stats

Operational in June 2017, the new TGV line connecting Paris to the south-west will put this picturesque town of 100,000 inhabitants a mere 1h15m from the capital. The new connection could do wonders for the Poitiers property market.

What Effect Will the US Election of Donald Trump Have on Real Estate Prices in France?

Market Trends

With France’s close economic ties to the US, it’s worth considering what effect the Trump election might have on the French property market.

Gulf between London and Paris Property Prices Narrows

Market Trends

Recent moves in London and Paris property prices have shown that the two cities might be approaching parity. What are the factors behind this trend?

Will the French Presidential Election Mean Fewer Property Sales in 2017?

Market Trends

In general and worldwide, real estate markets are considerably affected by political climate. What effect the presidential elections have on French property prices was the subject of a recent study by Le Credit Foncier, France’s national mortgage bank.

One Year On, One in Two Landlords Flout Paris Rent Caps

In Law

More than a year on from the rent caps introduced last year, it has been revealed that half of website listings do not adhere to the new legislation. The numbers reveal nonconformity among both landlords renting directly and estate agents posting on their beh


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