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french property prices

House Prices Continue to grow in four out of five French Cities

Market Stats

House prices in France continued to grow through July, albeit at a slower rate than previous months. Apartments grew faster than homes and the four horsemen of the national property price recovery continued their strong performance. 

Property Prices in South France’s Coastal Cities Creeping back up

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After stagnancy during the few years after 2012, property prices in south France are creeping up, especially in the sought-after coastal towns and cities. 

French Property Market in June Performs well but Shows Signs of Slowing

Market Stats

While most major cities are still performing strongly, figures for the French property market in June indicate the market is slowing after the explosive first few months of 2017. 

French Towns Where House Prices are Falling: Where and Why?

Market Trends

While the French property market’s recent recovery since the stagnant years of 2012 to 2015 is welcome news, not all regions are seeing growth. What about the French towns where house prices are falling? 

Has France Outpaced Global House Price Growth this year?

Market Stats

A study of global house price growth reveals whether France’s recent property boom is the norm, the exception, or nothing special at all. 

French Property Prices Continue to rise After Election

Market Stats

The most recent market figures show that the presidential election had no stalling effect on house price growth in France’s major cities during the month of May. The great French property price recovery continues unabated.

French Property Prices in April 2017: Exceptional Growth Continues

Market Stats

The numbers from the market’s leading observatories are in, and the extraordinary figures seen in the first quarter have continued into spring. French property prices in April grew in the majority of major cities, with one city making a comeback after a bad start to the year.

Article 50 is Triggered, Investors Await Brexit Effect on House Prices in France

Market Trends

On Wednesday, Theresa May sent a 6-page letter to the European Union signalling Britain’s intention to leave the union for which is has been a part of for 44 years. What does this mean for the anticipated Brexit effect on house prices in France? Something has already happened, and it might not be what you expected.

French Property Market is Definitely Not in a Bubble, says National Bank

Your Money

A study by the National Bank has concluded that the French property market’s strong performance over the last 12 months does not constitute a bubble. In other news – and somewhat ironically – the number of buyers who don’t need any savings or a deposit is increasing.

French Property Prices Climb in March, in Paris and Nationwide

Market Stats

This week sees Meilleursagents’ figures for French property prices in March, while the Notaries of Paris have released their findings into the Paris property market for the last quarter of 2016.


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