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Tenants in Paris Suburb Exempt from Paying rent due to Unsuitable Living Conditions

In Law

The tenants of a building in Essonne whose facade’s brickwork crumbled last year have been exempted from paying rent until full restoration is completed. This is not the first case of such a measure in the face of unsuitable living conditions. 

New Mandatory Surveys for Those Letting Property in France from July 1

In Law

From July 1, two new property surveys pertaining to electricity and gas will be obligatory for those letting property in France.

Rents in Paris all but Cease to Grow in 2016

Market Trends

A study from a rental market observatory has found that rents in Paris barely saw growth last year, though the figure was higher than 2015’s.

This Year Will Break Records for New Build Construction in France

Market Trends

Based on the year so far and the number of permits approved in 2016, industry commentators are predicting that 2017 will break the new build construction record.

Latest Figures Bode Well for Those Letting Property in France

Market Stats

There was good news for those letting property in France this week, as the amount landlords can increase rents grew at the fastest rate since 2014. On top of this, the outer Paris arrondissements are seeing fast rent growth.

Rent Caps Could soon Spread to other Cities in France

In Law

The decision by prime minister Manuel Valls to limit the rent caps to Paris and Lille has been deemed illegal by the Council of State, after a case was brought by the leader of the Ecology party Julien Bayou. What does this mean for rents in France?

Inflation in France Outstrips Rent Growth since 2013

Your Money

Inflation in France has exhibited a higher rate than rent growth every year since 2013, according to a prominent observatory of the rental market.

Paris Rent Caps: Few Lawsuits Since their Introduction

In Law

A parliamentary report has shown that since the Paris rent caps were introduced a year and a half ago, only 90 cases have been brought against landlords by tenants. A fairly smooth transition for what was predicted to be a very contentious measure.

Statistics on Rental Tenants’ Salaries in France in 2016 Revealed

Market Stats

For a healthy buy-to-let property market, you need well-salaried tenants to pay the rents. What are the salaries in France like for those renting in the private rental market?

What Effect Has the ALUR Law Had on those Renting Property in Paris?

In Law

A recent survey aimed to gauge the effect of the 2014 ALUR laws on those renting property in Paris. Half of the respondents claim a significant effect on their activity, while one in ten have taken their rental property off the market altogether.


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