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Have you seen Paris’ narrowest building?

Architecture & Landmarks
Narrow building Paris historic architecture quirks

Beyond the well-known tourist landmarks, the French capital is full of charming and quirky architectural details to regale first-time visitors and residents alike. One of them is Paris’ narrowest building; another is its thinnest façade.

Two buildings in the Marais compete for the title of oldest house in Paris

Architecture & Landmarks
Oldest house in Paris

Have you ever wondered which of Paris’ historic buildings is the oldest surviving one? Two houses in particular, whose structures seem to have endured since the Middle Ages, were up for the title. A little investigation revealed which one won.

Cité Universitaire de Paris: 90 years of multiculturalism, 10 new residences being built

Changing Landscape
Cité Universitaire Flickr : David Bertho

Large university campus in the south of Paris and home to 40 residence halls representing 40 different countries, the Cité Universitaire celebrated its 90th birthday this year. It plans to grow in the next five years, adding 10 additional residences by 2020.

34 Parisian bandstands to be renovated

Changing Landscape
Kiosque square Edouard Vaillant, Wikimedia Commons : LPLT

Parisian kiosques or bandstands are a common sight in many of the capitals’ parks and gardens. The city of Paris will renovate 34 in the next year.

Paris plans to renovate 14 of its museums by 2020

Changing Landscape
Petit Palais

On 15th September, the City of Paris announced its plans to undertake major renovations on 14 of its museums, many of which are listed heritage sites.

Renovation of the Louvre post office building full spead ahead

Architecture & Landmarks

An ambitious project to renovate the Louvre post office building includes big plans both inside and out.

Ambitious renovation of Paris’ iconic La Samaritaine gets the green light back

Architecture & Landmarks
La Samaritaine Paris France

France’s highest administrative court reverses earlier rulings, finds that the proposed glass facade is sufficiently in harmony with Paris existing architecture.

Paris store La Samaritaine’s renovation on hold

Architecture & Landmarks
Paris store La Samaritaine renovation

A French court of appeals recently blocked the restoration of former Paris department store La Samaritaine on the grounds that its Rue de Rivoli façade does not match its historic setting.

Restoration work continues on the splendid Hôtel Lambert despite fire damage

Architecture & Landmarks

The 17th century Hôtel Lambert is one of Paris’ grandest privately-owned mansions, located in the heart of Paris on the Île Saint-Louis in the 4th arrondissement (district). The building was formerly a splendid example of mid-17th century architecture and interior design, containing some fine frescoes.

Paris’ finest palaces and mansions: the Hôtel de Soubise

Architecture & Landmarks

The Hôtel de Soubise is an elegant 18th century mansion on the rue des Francs-Bourgeois in the 3rd arrondissement (district). It has been the property of the French State since Napoleonic times and now houses the Musée de l’Histoire de France (Museum of French History) and part of the French National Archives.


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