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les halles

Colossal Les Halles canopy finally unveiled – to widespread critique

Architecture & Landmarks
Canopée des Halle

The long awaited completion of the billion-euro project revamping the Forum des Halles, central Paris’ underground shopping hub, has been marred by detractors criticizing its aesthetic and construction faults.

Revival of the Paris property market: who’s buying and where?

Market Stats
Paris roofs Wikimedia Commons : Daniel Stockman

A previous Paris Property Group article detailed the start of a recovery for the French capital’s real estate market, due in part to low property prices. Buyers are back and it’s time to invest in the city, but where exactly?

Renovation of the Louvre post office building full spead ahead

Architecture & Landmarks

An ambitious project to renovate the Louvre post office building includes big plans both inside and out.

Eagerly awaited, Les Halles renovation enters the homestretch

Changing Landscape
Canopée les halles by Jmex May 2015 via Wikimedia Commons

A short walk north of the Seine in the heart of Paris, the Les Halles neighborhood is home to 7000 residents and over 16,400 jobs. The Châtelet-Les Halles RER commuter rail and subway station is the largest transport hub in the Ile de France region, serving over 800,000 passengers per day.

The redevelopment of les Halles in the center of Paris

Changing Landscape
Rénovation des Halles - Paris Property Group

The redevelopment of the former wholesale food market, les Halles de Paris, in the 1st arrondissement (district) continues apace. Part of the makeover includes an undulating glass canopy to cover the Forum des Halles, the partially-underground shopping center. The canopy is scheduled for completion later in 2014.

Paris: Beyond the Boulevards

Architecture & Landmarks
Paris Beyond the Boulevards

There comes a time in every love affair when you look beyond the charm and the beautiful face and learn whether the real substance is there. With Paris there is always more to learn. Paris is a collection of villages, each with it’s own charm, personality and history.


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