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modern architecture

Japanese Architects in Paris are Changing the face of the city

Architecture & Landmarks

An exhibition running at the Pavillon d’Arsenal until September 24 showcases the current and historical work of Japanese architects in Paris.

Who will Oversee the Renovation of Montparnasse Tower?

Architecture & Landmarks

Two architects are in the running to oversee the renovation of Montparnasse Tower as part of a wider redevelopment of the surrounding neighborhood. 

Roof of Grande Arche de La Defense Will Re-open to the Public in June

Architecture & Landmarks

The rooftop of the Grande Arche de Le Defense is to re-open to the public in June, having been closed since 2010. With the re-opening comes a new photo exhibition and the return of an unparalleled view of Greater Paris.

Property Developments in France Awarded for Innovation and Quality

Architecture & Landmarks

The Pyramides d’Or is a prize awarded each year by the National Federation of Property Developers to the most innovative and impressive new property developments in France. This year’s winner includes a stunning example of organic architecture in Montpellier.

Competition to Build the Most Beautiful Building Facade in Paris Returns

Architecture & Landmarks

Introduced in 1898 but then abandoned in the 1930s, the Concours des Facades was an annual recognition of the most beautiful building facade in Paris for new constructions. A recent announcement from Paris authorities has indicated its imminent return.

First new Skyscrapers in Paris Being Built Since 1973

Architecture & Landmarks

When the Tour Montparnasse was completed in 1973, its incongruous black facade and size led to Parisians saying “Never Again” to skyscrapers in Paris. It has taken forty years, but two are finally being built within the city limits: presenting the Tours Duo.

MIPIM Real Estate Conference in Cannes Showcases Innovation and Development

Market Trends

Each year in Cannes, the MIPIM Global Real Estate conference takes place in March. Showcasing the most innovative and creative projects in the world of real estate, several important themes came out of this year’s proceedings.

Property Developers in France will have to Consult Architects from the 1st of May

In Law

As part of a move to improve urban and rural development throughout the country, property developers in France will need the input of an architect for projects over 2500 m2. What’s behind this new law and what will it change?

Île de la Cité’s Transformation will Reinvent the Centre of Paris

Changing Landscape

The Île de la Cité is to undergo a myriad of changes over the next 20 years to adapt to the huge tourist footfall the island enjoys. Architects have submitted 35 proposals while property developers have already started turning some of the older buildings around.

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble House Up for Sale for 366 Million Euros

Big Deals

From the outside, it looks like an ostentatiously-designed museum of modern art. Inside, it doesn’t look that far from one either. Pierre Cardin’s weird and wonderful home of 20 years has been up for sale since last year, with a location, story, grandiosity and price tag to match.


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