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Most Arrondissements in Paris Continue to see Price Growth During Summer

Market Stats

According to Seloger’s most recent findings, most arrondissements have seen their prices grow in the last two months, while all have impressive positive 12-month figures. 

House Prices Continue to grow in four out of five French Cities

Market Stats

House prices in France continued to grow through July, albeit at a slower rate than previous months. Apartments grew faster than homes and the four horsemen of the national property price recovery continued their strong performance. 

Paris 2024 Olympics: What Effect will it have on Property in the Capital?

Market Trends

It recently emerged that the French capital will host the Olympics in eight years after LA pulled out of the race. What effect on property prices will Paris 2024 have? 

Record Number of Property Sales in Paris Region Between March and May

Market Stats

The Paris Notaires have recorded the highest number of property sales in Paris between from March to May for 20 years. 

Paris Real Estate Market in February, March and April: 33% jump in Transactions

Market Stats

The Paris Notaire have released their monthly update on the Paris real estate market. The latest edition concerns the months of February, March and April. 

Paris Apartment Prices Growing in Every Arrondissement: new Record Price/m2

Market Stats

Recent figures from market observatory Seloger show Paris apartment prices growing in every arrondissement, something not often seen in the capital’s property market. 

Paris Luxury Property Market Sees Revival in Post-Election Period

Market Trends

The election of France’s most openly pro-business president has given a boost to the Paris luxury property market, with multiple sources reporting a rejuvenated clientele. 

French Property Prices Continue to rise After Election

Market Stats

The most recent market figures show that the presidential election had no stalling effect on house price growth in France’s major cities during the month of May. The great French property price recovery continues unabated.

Paris Notaires Release First Quarter Property Figures

Market Stats

The Paris Notaires have released the official statistics on the Paris property market in the first quarter of 2017. They show accelerated growth and transactions, confirming preliminary figures from market observatories.

French Property Prices in April 2017: Exceptional Growth Continues

Market Stats

The numbers from the market’s leading observatories are in, and the extraordinary figures seen in the first quarter have continued into spring. French property prices in April grew in the majority of major cities, with one city making a comeback after a bad start to the year.


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