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Macron will Introduce his Property Tax Reforms next year

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The government has confirmed that Emmanuel Macron’s two key property tax reform measures will figure in the state budget bill for 2018. What do they mean for homeowners in France? 

What does Emmanuel Macron’s Election Mean for French Property?

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With Emmanuel Macron elected president, France enters a new era. One of free-market economics and a smaller state? One that is good for the French property market?

Property Taxes in Paris Remain Unchanged for the 6th Year in a row

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The mayor of Paris has announced that property taxes in Paris will remain the same for the 6th year in a row. Welcome news to landlords, owner-occupants and tenants alike.

Property Developers in France Want to Reform the Politics of Real Estate

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The foremost association of property developers in France has set out ten measures to reform the relationship between politics and property.

Emmanuel Macron Promises to Exempt 80% of France from Taxe d’Habitation

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Emmanuel Macron has just promised a major overhaul of one of France’s property taxes, the taxe d’habitation. Welcomed by landlords and property owners, the manifesto pledge has sent local governments into a panic.

Emmanuel Macron Promises to Liberalize Property and Housing

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Emmanuel Macron has made great strides since leaving the Socialist Party and running as an independent. Coming second in recent polls, a Macron presidency is a real possibility. What is his policy as regards property and housing?

What is Benoit Hamon’s Property Manifesto?

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The Socialist Party of France has elected their most left-wing nominee to be their presidential candidate. Most known for being a proponent of Universal Income, what is Benoit Hamon’s political program when it comes to property and housing?

Increased Tax on Second Homes Approved in Paris

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Having been made available by the National Assembly in November, the increased tax on second homes has been voted through in Paris, increasing from 20% to 60%. How much extra will landlords have to pay because of this?

Mayors will have Discretion to Increase Annual Property Taxes on Second Home Owners

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The National Assembly has just voted in a measure that will allow mayors to increase the taxe d’habitation on second homes to up to 60%, starting in 2017. The aim is to encourage owners to sell or rent them out on a permanent basis, especially in regions where supply is struggling to meet demand.

Local property taxes in France’s 10 largest cities

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Montpellier local taxes cities France Paris

New report compares and contrasts the rates of local real estate taxes in various cities across France. Paris boasts surprisingly light taxation costs, as opposed to cities such as Montpellier, Bordeaux and Marseille.


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