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French notary fees go down – but the move will only benefit small deals

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Fees collected by legal professionals in France are set to decrease, including those paid to notaires. However, savings will only be significant on small transactions while most Paris real estate buyers won’t notice much change at all.

A simpler tool for international inheritance in France: the European Certificate of Succession

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A new certificate easily obtainable from a French notaire makes inheriting property in France a far simpler process for non-residents. The European Certificate of Succession allowing heirs to assert their rights in a more streamlined manner is applicable in all EU member states.

French real estate recovery to intensify in 2016 and positively impact country’s economy

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In France, the real estate sector’s renewed activity is set to continue into this year. Olivier Eluère, economist at the Crédit Agricole explains its recovery’s positive influence on the country’s economy.

Notaries and other legal professionals’ fees capped in France under new decree

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A new decree will regulate fees collected by legal professionals in France from May 2016. Capped costs will include notary fees due when buying property.

Paris plans to convert office space into homes to meet housing demand

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The French government recently passed a tax measure aimed at encouraging the transformation of vacant offices into housing in Paris. Over 800,000 square meters of office space in the city are reportedly unoccupied.

French deputies hope to require Airbnb to verify ownership of Paris apartments listed on the site

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French deputies are supporting an amendment that may make it illegal for tenants to sublet their properties on short-term rental websites such as Airbnb without their landlord’s explicit approval.

The City of Paris seeks to increase tax on second homes

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Paris officials want to instate a fivefold increase on occupancy tax on vacant secondary residences to encourage owners to sell their properties or rent them out.

Transfer tax increases in Paris

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As of January 1st, 2016, property purchased in Paris is subject to an increased purchase tax — or transfer tax. This tax has increased by 0.7% for the purchase of housing, office or commercial property.

Sales of new-build property on the rise in France

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In more good news for the real estate sector, sales of new-build properties have been soaring since the beginning of the year.

What financial aids are available to property owners keen to green their homes?

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While policymakers just signed an environmental agreement during the Paris Climate Talks, certain policies are already in place in France to promote energy-efficient housing.


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